Online Security: Work from home and be safe

Working from home has many perks, but it also includes many not so great attributes. Setting up your home office is exciting. The work area, decor, view or no view, equipment. You get to set it up to fit your style and interests. The space you take up is important, will you spread out or stay confined to a corner? Do you want a large desk or a small computer desk? Plants or no plants? Bookshelves filled with books and if so what type?

Those decisions seem to be the first ones we tackle. Then the computer and accessories are next. Which internet and phone provider will you choose? Before you decide consider the security features, if any, offered by the provider. Internet security is not something the other person needs to consider, it is something you need to consider. Hacks happen to anyone these days. Not just large corporations.

For instance, lets look at the most recent discovered vulnerability to the internet: Heartbleed. This affected everyone, everywhere. It was a hole in the heart of the internet code that allowed your email address and passwords to be hijacked. Yes, your email address is in the hands of someone out there, maybe the highest bidder, but someone has it, can log into your email account and gain access to important information about you. Have you changed your password? I have on all accounts that required it and then a few more.

A very important note: Heartbleed is not a virus, it is a hole in the internet code that keeps you secure.

Now as much as I have done to keep from using Microsoft products, I am back using many of them again. Why? Because I have clients with specific needs that only Microsoft has to offer. I prefer Gnu software, but there are some limits, believe it or not. With that said, I have had to learn a few more security measures to keep my information safe from prying eyes. As well as my clients’ information.

This article from Microsoft regarding OneDrive discusses a few simple security measures to take to ensure your information remains secure. The suggestions, including password security, are great to follow with all your software, memberships, and online accounts.

You may not think you are that important to a hacker, but think again. They don’t know that until they invade your privacy. Then it is too late. You can still be sold to the highest bidder. Some can use that information, even if it does not seem important to you.

Take precautions, keep your information secure, and any client information you store. Confidential emails, they can be shared, so secure them. The simplest step is your password. Make it secure.

My favorite password saver keeps my information secure, LastPass, it is free and very secure. Or, if you have McAfee they provided a Security Vault, very similar to LastPass. Security Vault is included in the McAfee Total package. They have yearly fee. I have tried a few of the freebies, prefer to stick with McAfee. But you may find adequate protection in the free services. Check Cnet’s download site for more options.

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work from home

Beginner’s Guide to Working at Home

Rather than rewrite a guide to working from home for the beginner, I am going to review one.  Then provide you the link to go read it yourself.

Let’s face it, working a “traditional” job does not offer the security it once did. The ways of yester-year are no more.   Few find security in working for someone else.  Especially when large corporations are forced to close locations and lay off thousands.

Working from home is one option that can offer you not only security but freedom.  Though not the glamour that many sell to get you join their organization, buy their training program, or become a member.  Dreams are offered as a lure, enticement to join.

Developing a home business is not as easy as many want you to believe.  There are pitfalls to being your own boss.  There are also huge advantages.  Before you quite your “day job’ take a look over this article found at LifeHackers and decide if this is something you wish to pursue.

Once you take a look at the steps, then it is a matter of scheduling and pursuing your dream.  Working from home can be as much of a reward as it can be a pain and stressful.   Nothing is easy, but it is worthwhile when you decide.

Stop by and let me know what you thought?  Do you  already work from home?  Or have you talked it to death?  Share your thoughts and ideas.  I am want to hear from you.

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Food Service Worker

Training to Meet the Challenge in the Food Service Industry.

The food service industry is changing rapidly.  The laws, regulations, always adding, changing, updating, and removing according to the economy and health concerns.

There are a few organizations working hard to change the way the food industry serves consumers.  From the organic and non-GMO to improving food handling practices.

The GS1 company is one a of a few working to change the face of food service to improve efficiency and safety.  You can read more about their Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative.

The NPD Group conducts research relevant to various industries to track and help provide the relevant information to understand the changes occurring within a given industry.  The food service industry is one of many research studies conducted.

A case can be made that even if you work in the food service industry, education is important.  The July coupon deals for obtaining a discount on your continuing education will expire soon.  Learn2Serve offers a variety of food service certifications to assist you in advancing in your career or preparing for a new career.  From serving to management and eventually owning your own restaurant, the competition is stiff.  You need the advantage certification and degrees can provide you.

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Learn2Serve offers corporate training discounts for organizations that want to keep their employees up to date on the latest regulations and technology in the food service industry.

They offer TABC, HACCP food safety, harassment prevention, and BASSET Certification.  New courses are added regularly and they have expanded to several new states to offer the training relevant to that state.  Check out Learn2Serve now.

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Training for Career Advancement or a New Career

Are you seeking an advancement in your career? Perhaps it is time to consider chasing your dream and obtain the necessary skills and training for a new career?

Today I present you with an organization that offers the best in education and skill training to achieve your dreams. Those with advanced training, skill sets, and degrees find it easier to advance and increase their income.

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CPA Continuing Professional Education Courses

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Here are a few more of the Campuses offered by 360training. Courses for Healthcare Professionals

This is in now way an inclusive list. 360Training has several campuses available. Visit the site to learn more.

Freelance Work Sites

Are you out of work? Got Skills? Tired of the commute and lack of security with your employment?

There is a solution. Did you know that if you have the desire you can develop full time employment in your own home office?

Here are a few of the freelancer job sites to get you started.

Freelancer Work Sites


Are you an expert programmer, designer, writer, translator, marketer, researcher and/or admin contractor? Elance offers testing in each of your specialities to lend validation to your skill set. The tests are short, yet go along way with the people who use Elance to hire part time/full time talent.

This is a community of people seeking work and people seeking to hire the right person. Writers, filmmakers, photographers, programmers, and others will find plenty of work once they get past the ‘being a newbie.’ Register an account, develop your skills list, build a winning profile. Free to get started, but if you want more bids p/month you will need to upgrade. Payments are handled through Elance. All work is contracted and completed through Elance. The benefit to these types of sites is you will get paid if your work is satisfactory. The more jobs you successfully complete the hire your ranking within Elance.

If you are a freelance programmer, web developer, designer, writer, data entry sign up at Freelancer to begin show casing your skills.

A community of writers, programmers, etc. There are other ways to earn and share your expertise.

Promote your profile with a widget. Connect your profile to Facebook. As a free member your bids are limited per month. Take skills tests at $5 each and save to your profile.

Payments are made upon approval by the client. Get started here. Set up an account or sign in with Facebook.

Guru is a community of writers, software programmers, web designers, graphics, and many other titles. Employers post for free, you bid on the project along with others, if you win the bid, develop the product, and it is accepted, you earn votes, stars, recommendations. As a free member you are allowed so many bids per month. Upgrade to earn more bids and show off more of your profile. To begin, click here.

Are you a writer for hire? oDesk is the largest marketplace for online work.

A community of employers and writers, programmers, and webmasters. Freelancers bid on jobs they are qualified for, after winning and completing the project, clients may approve or ask for changes. To read more and set up an account, click here.

As a freelancer you are in competition with at least 40,000 plus freelance writers.

Another community of like minded individuals and freelancers. Bid on the work you can do, complete and get paid. Working your hours and doing what you like best. Get Started Here.


There are over 200 communities on line for freelance workers. Each one specializing in programming, writing, technology, and similar industries. You are competing with thousands of other freelance workers. Many of them live in the Philippines, India, the Unites States, and other countries. When placing your bid remember there are others who can do the job cheaper, so make your bid count. Highlight your skills, make those the employer is seeking stand out and worth your bid.

You may wish to set up more than one profile, try setting up on each of these freelance sites. Check each day. At least in the morning and again in the afternoon.

For those sites offering skill testing, use them, they will enhance your profile on those sites. Hone your skills, peruse other profiles, especially those with the most work and highest rankings. Look at what they are doing. Give it your best shot for the next 6 months to a year.

Thank you for taking time out to let me know what you think. If you know of another resource for freelance workers, contact me, I will be happy to add it to the budding data base I am developing.