7 08 13

Virtual assistants are no longer an idea, they are a reality. As more small business owners realize that hiring a virtual assistant will free them to work on building their relationships with customers and networking.

There is another growing company seeking to hire you. Zirtual. The application process is simple, be prepared to answer questions such as why you choose to align yourself with Zirtual.

Why do you want to work as a virtual assistant? I do not like the commute, am comfortable in my own home and no distractions. That is not a good answer however. So be creative and align your answers to the company mission and goals. Just a hint.

Back to building my customer relationships and finding new ones.

When my business is big enough to take on an employee, I will be hiring my own virtual assistant.

Stay tuned for more.

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About Author:

With nearly 30 years of clerical, management and budgeting experience I bring you this blog. Lending my experience, resources, and skill sets to your journey as your personal virtual assistant for your business needs.