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I subscribe to Selling Power, an online resource to assist those in sales and those of us not so into sales. Articles vary, mostly you are provided insights. “How to” articles include sales improvement, performance enhancement, and tips on how to present yourself, to list a few.

Today I bring you an article on how to improve your sales technique. SpecificallY: Build Your Telephone Sales Confidence.

The short of it is this: you can improve your telephone presence. The tips in this article will assist. I would add a few more:

Smile When you smile your tone of voice changes. It is almost as if the other person can see you smiling. Pleasant is always nicer than a firm tone in someone’s voice.

Practice Practice what you are going to say. Review your script. If you don’t have one, create one. Keep it simple, few words, but direct.

Enjoy the article, may it help you move along to the next level.

Start the conversation by leaving me a comment and let me know what your tips are.

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I am slowly working toward updating my services, my directories and providing more relevant articles to you.

Not neglectful, just in the planning stages and research for valid work from home opps, resources, and training programs.

As you know there are many ways to earn a living offered for those who wish to work from a home office. They are not all viable options when you need money immediately to keep the electric on. I am in the process of reviewing a few that are of interest and offer future potential.

Stay tuned for more.

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Listen to the news, you will hear more about cyber attacks than years past. Major department stores losing customer information, the HeartBleed issue, websites being hijacked, and much more.

One thing you may have considered safe was your banking information. However, there are ways for hackers to steel your personal information, including your bank account log in credentials. There is no such thing as security any more.

Here is an article that expounds on the cyber attacks via the Russians. Specifically WordPress Blogs.

One general rule of thumb is to change your passwords frequently and always encrypt them. Use a password generator and mix in characters, alpha: caps and non, and numbers. Then make a note somewhere so you have access to it at all times. Use a different password for each account. I know a pain in the ….. But, it is a matter of security and no one is exempt, no one.

On ward and up ward.

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Working from home has many perks, but it also includes many not so great attributes. Setting up your home office is exciting. The work area, decor, view or no view, equipment. You get to set it up to fit your style and interests. The space you take up is important, will you spread out or stay confined to a corner? Do you want a large desk or a small computer desk? Plants or no plants? Bookshelves filled with books and if so what type?

Those decisions seem to be the first ones we tackle. Then the computer and accessories are next. Which internet and phone provider will you choose? Before you decide consider the security features, if any, offered by the provider. Internet security is not something the other person needs to consider, it is something you need to consider. Hacks happen to anyone these days. Not just large corporations.

For instance, lets look at the most recent discovered vulnerability to the internet: Heartbleed. This affected everyone, everywhere. It was a hole in the heart of the internet code that allowed your email address and passwords to be hijacked. Yes, your email address is in the hands of someone out there, maybe the highest bidder, but someone has it, can log into your email account and gain access to important information about you. Have you changed your password? I have on all accounts that required it and then a few more.

A very important note: Heartbleed is not a virus, it is a hole in the internet code that keeps you secure.

Now as much as I have done to keep from using Microsoft products, I am back using many of them again. Why? Because I have clients with specific needs that only Microsoft has to offer. I prefer Gnu software, but there are some limits, believe it or not. With that said, I have had to learn a few more security measures to keep my information safe from prying eyes. As well as my clients’ information.

This article from Microsoft regarding OneDrive discusses a few simple security measures to take to ensure your information remains secure. The suggestions, including password security, are great to follow with all your software, memberships, and online accounts.

You may not think you are that important to a hacker, but think again. They don’t know that until they invade your privacy. Then it is too late. You can still be sold to the highest bidder. Some can use that information, even if it does not seem important to you.

Take precautions, keep your information secure, and any client information you store. Confidential emails, they can be shared, so secure them. The simplest step is your password. Make it secure.

My favorite password saver keeps my information secure, LastPass, it is free and very secure. Or, if you have McAfee they provided a Security Vault, very similar to LastPass. Security Vault is included in the McAfee Total package. They have yearly fee. I have tried a few of the freebies, prefer to stick with McAfee. But you may find adequate protection in the free services. Check Cnet’s download site for more options.

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work from home

Rather than rewrite a guide to working from home for the beginner, I am going to review one.  Then provide you the link to go read it yourself.

Let’s face it, working a “traditional” job does not offer the security it once did. The ways of yester-year are no more. ¬† Few find security in working for someone else. ¬†Especially when large corporations are forced to close locations and lay off thousands.

Working from home is one option that can offer you not only security but freedom.  Though not the glamour that many sell to get you join their organization, buy their training program, or become a member.  Dreams are offered as a lure, enticement to join.

Developing a home business is not as easy as many want you to believe. ¬†There are pitfalls to being your own boss. ¬†There are also huge advantages. ¬†Before you quite your “day job’ take a look over this article found at LifeHackers and decide if this is something you wish to pursue.

Once you take a look at the steps, then it is a matter of scheduling and pursuing your dream.  Working from home can be as much of a reward as it can be a pain and stressful.   Nothing is easy, but it is worthwhile when you decide.

Stop by and let me know what you thought?  Do you  already work from home?  Or have you talked it to death?  Share your thoughts and ideas.  I am want to hear from you.

Don’t forget to take a look over my Business Services Directory. ¬†You will find domain name, web hosting services, ¬†electronics supplier, books for training and how to’s, and more services are added periodically.