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Yes, you can earn a living working in your home and through the internet. However, it is not an overnight success. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day.” You have some decisions to make first. So don’t quite your day job, unless you are without, then put the same hours into developing your new employment.

It is a job, a vocation, a calling, to work from home. The mindset is different. You are no longer working under someone else’s rules. You have the opportunity to write your own. The internet abounds with suggestions, ideas, training materials, and videos telling you how and what those rules should be.

The only rule that is important: You are your employer. What would you do with an employee such as yourself?

Myself? Some days I would fire me. Other days I am the best employee I could hope for. I have a few “jobs” to fill my days. Balancing them all is not easy. There are days when something is neglected, set to the side for the next day. Most of the time it is my blogs. As you can tell from the post dates.

Intent is important. Self-honesty is another necessity. Never take on a task, job, or request that you know deep down you will not like to do and perhaps put off doing. You have the right to turn down any job you wish.

Do you know what you would love to do more than anything else? When I started this journey of being my own boss, some suggestions were to live your passion, do what you love to do and the money will follow. Well, I love to crotchet, knit, create jewelry, garden, train my dogs, raise rodents and reptiles, and sketch or draw. I enjoy being creative more than anything. I also enjoy helping people, watching their eyes light up when a solution works for them or they get an “Aha” moment.

I attempted the craft business, but stopped enjoying crocheting and knitting, even jewelry making. The dust began collecting on my projects and supplies. The same with drawing. My garden is barren, now more because of the drought conditions we Californians find ourselves in. But before that, because I lost the fun. Training dogs is easy, it is the people you have to train and they do not always lend themselves to learning. Many enter the task with the idea you will fix their dogs or cats.

The one thing I truly love more than anything and do not find a chore, unless I have a deadline, is writing. Writing in a way that is helpful and insightful to others. The chore is learning how to write in a way that engages the audience and provides a way to be found through the search engines. I also like research, working behind the scenes.

I continue to try different ways of developing an income, some work, some don’t. Then there are those I do not like. I pick and choose what I wish to work on. I make it by, waiting for the day my riches pour in. 🙂 I continue to research training programs for developing a killer website and a six figure income. Many do not fit me.

The question you need to ask yourself is what do you like to do that would not be a chore? Did you enjoy the job you have held? What about that job did you like the most? Can you see yourself working at home for yourself developing a business doing that kind of work?

Are you willing to put in the hours to build your reputation and learn more about using social media? The suggestions include working a 12 to 16 hour day to build a business. However, I prefer the 4 to 6 hour day. Prioritizing your tasks, such as emails, social networking, play time, personal from business, and planning for the week. Set a goal, then create daily steps to help you achieve your goals. Keep a journal, what tasks did you complete and which ones did you set aside, why?

Keeping your daily ritual simple, set a schedule. Do you work better in the morning, afternoon or evenings? You are not tied to a traditional schedule. If you live on the West Coast and end up with clients on the East Coast, you may need to discuss an optimal time to meet with them, if required.

There are no limits to what you can develop for yourself in your own home. The business ideas are only limited by your imagination and desires. The end point is how to best serve your needs.

I am slowly building a Business Opps page, you will find affiliate and multi-level style business opportunities listed here. Each one brings me a small income each month. The more I work at honing ads, the more interest and the greater the income.

What ideas do you have for developing a home business? Do you think it will generate a six figure income? How much do you want to earn in a month, a year, or even in a day?

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment.

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Today I am attaching an article that hits home for many business owners who are seeking to increase their visibility either through social media, blogs, or website.

Perhaps you are considering incorporating articles from other sources and are unsure of the process to selecting relevant material? Even finding a good source that fits your target audience.

Forbes has an article that fits answers to a few questions I find website owners may ask or are afraid to ask.

What are your goals? What do you believe is relevant in providing content on your sites and social media sites?

This article will help in directing you to consider those goals from a different perspective.

Do you have other goals in mind? Share them in the comments section I would love to hear from you.

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A business is nothing without its customers. Customers, however, might be a little difficult to attract. Potential patrons may have scores of other shops and businesses they could spend their money on. Therefore, it is up to the business to take a few extra steps to draw in those much needed customers in Utah. Here are six extremely helpful means of achieving just such a goal.

Be As Personable As Possible

Basically, you do want to take time out to get to know your customers. This way, they become frequent customers. More importantly, they will speak highly of your business and their recommendations will aid in drawing more customers to your establishment. Consider implementing some sort of customer feedback program.

Offer Great Deals and Discounts

Lower costs are always appealing. When special offers, deals and discounts are offered, the eyes of potential customers will be captured. Once they have entered into the store to take advantage of the deals and discounts, they may be suitably impressed to become regular patrons. The 80/20 rule is often cited when it comes to discussions about business success. This rule means 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your customers. Offering special deals might help you boost those much needed sale numbers. Offer special deals over social media and text to get new customers.

Allow Your Customers to Know You Are There to Help Them

You do not want to just make a sale for the bucks. You also want to convey that you are in business to help people who walk into your establishment. Once this sentiment is conveyed, customers might end up becoming very loyal to your business.

Improve the Look of the Exterior of the Business

No one is going to be in much of a rush to enter into a business if the exterior is lacking. Simply calling a commercial window cleaning service might be more than enough to make the exterior inviting. Commercial cleaning service professionals can help a business much more than you would initially think. A welcoming store has the potential to be very successful. Some may even wish to go the next step which would be to redesign it or decorate it. So be it! This might be a very helpful tactic as well.

Be Original and Specific

Boring, generic advertising campaigns may be able to effectively convey what product or service your business deals in, these campaigns are not exactly very captivating. By getting across what it is that makes your business special, you just might draw in more customers. If you’re a software business, find your target niche and work to attract them over social media and through SEO. Target your marketing campaigns at specific markets.

Never Be Shy To Flaunt Your Positive Points

As the saying goes, it is never bragging when what you are saying is true. If there is something very special about your business, you definitely want to make sure the world knows about it.

Author Bio:

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Retail Express
Developing an ecommerce presence.
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Electronic commerce also commonly known as e-commerce is a type of business industry where buying and selling of products and services is done over electronic system such as the internet or other computer networks. E-commerce includes mobile commerce, EFT or electronic fund transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange or EDI, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

Electronic commerce usually employs the use of the World Wide Web or websites at least once in the businesses lifetime, and it would usually widen with the use of e-mail, mobile devices social media and telephones.

In today’s electronic world, business owners know that tapping the internet market opens the opportunity of acquiring new markets and customers. They start to create company websites to promote their business and attract new clients.

When a company or a business entity starts to sell its products and/or services over the net, the website will now be considered as an e-commerce web or e-commerce website. The format to which the website is constructed is called e-commerce web design or e-commerce website design. Most businesses nowadays create and design a website for their company.

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Designing a website has become an integral part of introducing the company to the extent of allowing online business dealings with their clients. This method is quite enticing especially to customers who hardly have enough time to finish their daily business chores.

There are several types of e-commerce design. There are those that are cost efficient and simple while others are expensive and complex but the common denominator in web designing is the use of e-commerce website software.

The first thing that you do when going to the market with a long grocery list is to pick up a cart to put all your items in. The same thing is true in e-commerce shopping. Software is available for online shopping that will allow the customer to acquire a virtual shopping cart, select the goods to purchase, put them in the virtual cart and purchase them as a group. Online shopping is similar to shopping at the market.

Small companies benefit from online shopping. An E-commerce business that makes millions per year often makes use of dedicated servers and comprehensive internet solutions. These types of e-commerce websites can be customized to fit the company’s particular sales and product needs.

The company may hire an e-commerce consultant to design the site and occasionally host to a dedicated server. The e-commerce host company usually provides marketing assistance and customer support to its clients. The host company requires an upfront payment and about 20 percent of the profits from the e-commerce website.

E-commerce owners should give their online customers what they need. A balance between content and commerce is to show that all brands needs to stand out. Consumer will always go for what they want and if you’re online shop could not give it to them, they will go somewhere else to find it.

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When operating a business, it’s important to appear as professional as possible in all areas, including the financial part. For that reason, most businesses open a separate checking account for their business to maintain not only a professional appearance, but to also keep personal and business finances free from one another. In addition, there are many other reasons to not use your personal checking account for business purposes.

Image is Everything

Using a personal checking account for business purposes makes it appear as though the owner does not take the business seriously enough to establish a separate account. On a business account, an owner can use his Doing Business As name rather than his personal name. Because some personal accounts are joint accounts, the checks used for business would have spouse’s names on them, as well as the home address and possibly phone number. It’s considered far more professional to send checks with a business name on them, and they also allow an owner to request payments with the business name on them. Using cheap personal checks with silly designs will be a quick way to becoming a laughingstock with new and established customers.

Company Finances

Using a business account that’s separate from a personal account makes it easier to manage the company’s finances. Having a business account will allow an owner to pull up a year-end report to review charges and deposits without having to sort through a bunch of personal transactions.

Analyzing Business Trends

Using a business checking account will allow an owner to gain a better understanding of business trends and how the company is spending money. Being able to compile financial statements quickly and accurately will save an owner not only time but money.

Avoiding Confusion

One area that often gets mixed-up when using personal checking accounts for business purposes is the information needed to open both types of accounts. Personal accounts require only an ID and social security card, while a business account requires a business registration form, fictitious name form and business license. Also, business accounts require a tax ID number and social security number while the personal account needs only a social security number. Using a personal account, then trying to switch to a business account can sometimes result in transactions going to the wrong account.

By taking these steps, any business will have a much greater chance of projecting a professional image while avoiding financial confusion for themselves and their customers.

Author Bio:

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.