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Are you out of work? Got Skills? Tired of the commute and lack of security with your employment?

There is a solution. Did you know that if you have the desire you can develop full time employment in your own home office?

Here are a few of the freelancer job sites to get you started.

Freelancer Work Sites


Are you an expert programmer, designer, writer, translator, marketer, researcher and/or admin contractor? Elance offers testing in each of your specialities to lend validation to your skill set. The tests are short, yet go along way with the people who use Elance to hire part time/full time talent.

This is a community of people seeking work and people seeking to hire the right person. Writers, filmmakers, photographers, programmers, and others will find plenty of work once they get past the ‘being a newbie.’ Register an account, develop your skills list, build a winning profile. Free to get started, but if you want more bids p/month you will need to upgrade. Payments are handled through Elance. All work is contracted and completed through Elance. The benefit to these types of sites is you will get paid if your work is satisfactory. The more jobs you successfully complete the hire your ranking within Elance.


If you are a freelance programmer, web developer, designer, writer, data entry sign up at Freelancer to begin show casing your skills.

A community of writers, programmers, etc. There are other ways to earn and share your expertise.

Promote your profile with a widget. Connect your profile to Facebook. As a free member your bids are limited per month. Take skills tests at $5 each and save to your profile.

Payments are made upon approval by the client. Get started here. Set up an account or sign in with Facebook.


Guru is a community of writers, software programmers, web designers, graphics, and many other titles. Employers post for free, you bid on the project along with others, if you win the bid, develop the product, and it is accepted, you earn votes, stars, recommendations. As a free member you are allowed so many bids per month. Upgrade to earn more bids and show off more of your profile. To begin, click here.

Are you a writer for hire? oDesk is the largest marketplace for online work.

A community of employers and writers, programmers, and webmasters. Freelancers bid on jobs they are qualified for, after winning and completing the project, clients may approve or ask for changes. To read more and set up an account, click here.


As a freelancer you are in competition with at least 40,000 plus freelance writers.

Another community of like minded individuals and freelancers. Bid on the work you can do, complete and get paid. Working your hours and doing what you like best. Get Started Here.


There are over 200 communities on line for freelance workers. Each one specializing in programming, writing, technology, and similar industries. You are competing with thousands of other freelance workers. Many of them live in the Philippines, India, the Unites States, and other countries. When placing your bid remember there are others who can do the job cheaper, so make your bid count. Highlight your skills, make those the employer is seeking stand out and worth your bid.

You may wish to set up more than one profile, try setting up on each of these freelance sites. Check each day. At least in the morning and again in the afternoon.

For those sites offering skill testing, use them, they will enhance your profile on those sites. Hone your skills, peruse other profiles, especially those with the most work and highest rankings. Look at what they are doing. Give it your best shot for the next 6 months to a year.

Thank you for taking time out to let me know what you think. If you know of another resource for freelance workers, contact me, I will be happy to add it to the budding data base I am developing.

5 05 14

Update:Unemployment, the fear of running out of money, loss of unemployment benefits, fears of going hungry and becoming homeless, make you desperate and an easy prey. Emails are out promising a decent if not excellent weekly wage for only a few hours of work. Seems the most popular right now is called “Mystery Shopper” and the company to mystery shop is Western Union & Moneygram.

Here is the latest email I received:
From: Larry Page
Subject: $300/SURVEY
Body of email:
“Be a secretshopper and make $300 per assignment survey with western union and Moneygram. Reply with your Full names….complete address and cel # for the check to carry out assignments/tasks…….


I replied asking for information about the company. This was May 2, 2014. I have not heard back and do not expect to. Ask the questions. Look up the email on Google. There are no results available for this email address. What comes up is UKR for Ukraine. Ukr.net is an email service for Ukrainians.

Due Diligence will save you a lot of heartbreak and stress.

28 04 14

The fear of financial loss can be overwhelming. So much so that we grab onto any good job offer out there. This leaves the unemployed vulnerable to financial scams. Promises of earning millions, six-figure incomes per month, fast earnings, large weekly paychecks and many more phrases that catch the eye and hold promise.

A good rule of thumb is this: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I am always in search of legitimate opportunities to earn a few more dollars an hour, week, and month. One of the most important rules of job search is to be prepared to interview the potential employer. In other words ask the tough questions, even if it means risking not getting the job. A legitimate employer will answer your questions, inviting you to ask about their company and policies. Any employer who insists on not answering your questions is not worth your time or energy.

There are many job offers that seem legitimate. You may find titles such as Mystery Shopper Wanted, Customer Service Representative, Personal Assistant, and a few other similar titles. Do not let the title fool you.

Another clue it might not be a legitimate offer? A skimpy job description or a requirement to have your own bank account.

Here are a couple of email samples I have received:


We are searching for individuals to partake in our new secretshopper-survey

Descriptions :

You are to mainly act like an everyday customer doing a regular transaction to secretly investigate various western union outlets in your Area reported recently for unethical behaviors. You will be sent funding prior to each Assignment. Be advised that all Applicants are required to have a checking account for funding via direct deposit as per MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) regulations. Your funding will include your salary of USD150 And any monies required to pay for services acquired during the course of your assignment You will be paid USD150/assignment.

If you’re interested please provide contact details below to get started

Genders & Age:

The quicker you apply the bigger the possibility you will get a shop to visit_soonest.

Eliane Myers

This is not a legitimate job offer. The clue is in the way this is written.

Another one I received requested my information and the job description included a personal bank account, taking deliveries and cashing customer checks in my bank account, then paying his bills for him. NEVER use your personal bank account.

The income offer is for $650 per week or better, with a four day work week. Sounds great right? Ask questions, learn about the company, do your research.

Warning: If you use your personal account, cash and route money through that account, you are legally liable for every cent. The checks will not clear. Money orders are another form of payment that is not always valid. They are not accepted by all banks any longer because of the rip off potential.

Job boards are a great source for your search. However, they do not screen employers. Read the job description and ask questions. I had one man become insulted because I asked questions. I did not get the job, but that is alright, I won’t get ripped off.

Do you have a job scam story? Share with us here or follow me on my social networks. I look forward to sharing with you.

22 04 14

The job market sucks. If you read the statistics regarding the unemployed in this country and around the world, you would be disheartened. Statistics only cover what is actually reported. They are a view to what may be, not what is. The unemployment rates are increasing with the closing of more department stores and factories. We purchase less, there fore the stores need to reduce their expenses. The end result is many find themselves unemployed.

Recently the long term employment assistance many were receiving was cut. With no hope of that changing many are in fear of being homeless and hungry. We do not need to be in despair or at the mercy of the economy. It is not easy but changing from no income to some income is a task anyone can undertake.

One of my favorite resources is What Color is your Parachute? The Job Hunter’s Bible is on line. The author of What Color is your Parachute?, Richard Bolles, has published this book every year for the past decade at least. I have not gone through history to look at the number of publications.

Bolles provides tools to change careers, work from home, develop a small business, find employment in the same or a different job title, plus much more. You can create an outstanding resume from the many ideas and tools he offers. It is a great source of inspiration when you feel stuck.

Getting over the hump of no income or job is not always easy. A few ideas are as follows:

  • Develop a support group. This can be others who are unemployed, family, friends, or join a group.
  • Pull out your resume. Review. Make notes about what has changed since the last time you used it.
  • Google or Bing search your field. The job title you had, are there others similar?
  • Write a job description for this last job you had. Note improvements, accomplishments, skills developed.
  • Collect job descriptions within similar industries. Even the same job description in other industries.
  • Do you like the work you do? One suggestion Bolles notes is to look at what you liked and disliked about your current job.
  • Have you considered working at home? Perhaps starting your own business from home.
  • Take a look at the skills and job description you have written. What home business can you create? Is there a market for your particular skills?

Each day do something that will enhance your outlook, create opportunities. Do not get into a habit of wishing and waiting. You have the skills to succeed. Find a new way to use them to your benefit.

I would love to hear about your progress, perhaps suggestions to add to this article. Share what has worked with you. You can also connect with me at Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.Share your tips and tricks to survive being unemployed.

29 07 13

When it comes to management, bosses can be a dream come true or a nightmare. Whether you work for an intimidating corporate type or a laid back manager, you should always strive to get along with the person you work for. Here are six tips for creating a more positive working relationship with your boss.

1. Focus on the Positives

Does your boss offer positive reinforcement? Does he give you greater flexibility than past managers? One of the ways you can get along with your boss is to focus on the positives, whether that means his personality traits or the way he treats you. People are multidimensional, and even the most difficult bosses offer positives that you can focus on.

2. Work Around Your Boss

Your boss didn’t get to her position by chance or luck. Most managers earn their positions through hard work, which means you should respect their expertise and schedules. If you disagree about an assignment or deadline, then yield to your boss’s opinions. She’s not your master, but she is in a position of authority that you should value.

3. Ask for Constructive Feedback

If you sense that your boss is dissatisfied with your work, then consider asking him for constructive feedback. Chances are that your boss has been in the field for some time, and you might benefit from his experience. Asking for feedback shows that you care about your job, and your boss will appreciate the gesture.

4. Be Trustworthy & Dependable

One of the best ways to get along with your boss is to ensure that she trusts you, and she’ll trust you only when you prove that you’re reliable. Complete tasks on time without excuses, show up every day on time and do what you promise to do. Over time, trust garners respect, and respect leads to a mutually beneficial working relationship.

5. Handle with Care

Gauge your boss’s behavior for signs that his bad mood has nothing to do with work. Just make sure you handle your boss’s feelings with care without letting him overstep professional bounds.

6. Do Your Job Well

Do your job to the best of your ability so that your boss has no cause for letting you go. If you prove yourself over time and still find yourself facing a wrongful termination claim, then consider speaking with a Wrongful Termination Attorney in Birmingham to discuss your rights.

Everyone has bad days, and your boss is no exception. She may be dealing with personal issues that affect her work. At the end of the day, all you can do is your best, which means putting your energy into completing your assignments efficiently and effectively.

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