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Rather than rewrite a guide to working from home for the beginner, I am going to review one.  Then provide you the link to go read it yourself.

Let’s face it, working a “traditional” job does not offer the security it once did. The ways of yester-year are no more.   Few find security in working for someone else.  Especially when large corporations are forced to close locations and lay off thousands.

Working from home is one option that can offer you not only security but freedom.  Though not the glamour that many sell to get you join their organization, buy their training program, or become a member.  Dreams are offered as a lure, enticement to join.

Developing a home business is not as easy as many want you to believe.  There are pitfalls to being your own boss.  There are also huge advantages.  Before you quite your “day job’ take a look over this article found at LifeHackers and decide if this is something you wish to pursue.

Once you take a look at the steps, then it is a matter of scheduling and pursuing your dream.  Working from home can be as much of a reward as it can be a pain and stressful.   Nothing is easy, but it is worthwhile when you decide.

Stop by and let me know what you thought?  Do you  already work from home?  Or have you talked it to death?  Share your thoughts and ideas.  I am want to hear from you.

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Are you seeking an advancement in your career? Perhaps it is time to consider chasing your dream and obtain the necessary skills and training for a new career?

Today I present you with an organization that offers the best in education and skill training to achieve your dreams. Those with advanced training, skill sets, and degrees find it easier to advance and increase their income.

360Training offers a wide range of courses at reasonable rates. Here is the list of programs and the codes to receive your discounts.

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Learn2Serve.com – Alcohol and Food Safety Classes Online

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LearnInsurance- Add Annuity Training OR Long-Term Care Course for $3.60 w/ Ultimate Success Life and Health Prelicensing

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CPA Continuing Professional Education Courses

20% Off Any Continuing Education Course w/ code: CPA20 [EXP 12/31/14]

AgentCampus.com – Click Here For More Info!

Save up to 50% on Real Estate Prelicense Prep [EXP 12/31/14]

CosmetologyCampus.com-Online Continuing Education for Cosmetology Professionals

50% Off NIC Exam Prep Courses w/ code: STAR50 [EXP 12/31/14]
25% Off All Continuing Education Courses w/ code: FAB25 [EXP 12/31/14]

Here are a few more of the Campuses offered by 360training.

HealthCampus.com- Courses for Healthcare Professionals


This is in now way an inclusive list. 360Training has several campuses available. Visit the site to learn more.

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If you are a copywriter or aspire to become one and are looking to specialize, here is a niche that may be of interest to you.

Genealogy copywriting.

Were we aware that you can earn a great income working from home writing about someone’s ancestry? Read on to learn more. This is an email I received, I want to share with you.


Your genealogy skills have the potential to open up a whole new chapter in your present-day family story …

In this story, you’re able to spend more time with your family, building precious memories and uncovering your past connections.

You don’t have to go to the office, answer to a boss, or hoard vacation days anymore. You’re free to do what you want, when you want, because you have plenty of money in the bank.

Now, this isn’t about your “long lost” rich uncle…

Instead, I’d like to show you how the hours you spend online researching and putting together your family story have already given you the skills to lead a very different — and much more lucrative — kind of life.

How a few words could change your history …

If you’d like to pay all your bills, quit your job, and fund as many genealogical research trips as you want, you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share.

My name is Rebecca Matter. I’m Co-Managing Partner at American Writers & Artists Inc., better known as AWAI. And our job is to help people from all walks of life make a good living — up to six-figures or more — putting together top-quality stories for businesses.

I’m coming to you because your interest in genealogy tells me you have what it takes to do this well … and because there is a desperate need in the business world for people with your natural skills.

You see, people love stories. It’s a part of what makes us human. We want to know what happened … both in the past and in the present.

Stories pull you in and make you turn the page to see what’s next.

For businesses, this is of critical importance.

Because in today’s world, stories are how businesses connect to their customers.

They use stories to build relationships and create bonds that later lead to sales.

It sounds simple, but it works. And this storytelling is the cornerstone of the $2.7 trillion direct-response industry … an industry with a desperate need for more storytellers like you.

They call these storytellers “copywriters,” and they’re willing to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousands dollars for just one great story.

These stories look like letters … not unlike the letter I’m writing to you now, in fact. And if you can learn to put one together, you have the potential to make more than anyone else in your generation … even if you have no background as a writer!

A job no one in your family has tried before … but no one will forget you when you succeed at it!

It really is all about a great story. And as a genealogist, you have several natural advantages on your side when it comes to learning to be a great, top-dollar copywriter.

  • Curiosity … all the successful copywriters I know have a burning curiosity to find out the behind-the-scenes details and stories … just like you.
  • Persistence … you know that to get to the good stuff, you have to stick with it — because most “dead ends” are only the start of new discoveries.
  • Ability to build a story from small details … you know names, dates, and places can showcase a rich history … and with your experience storytelling, businesses want to hire you to get the word out about their services.
  • These three skills together have the potential to carry you through to the very top ranks of the world’s copywriters … even if (especially if!) no one in your family has ever done anything like this before.

    The thing is, very few people know about copywriting as an option. As a career, it certainly didn’t exist hundreds of years ago. Digging deep into your family’s history, you’re much more likely to uncover shopkeepers, factory workers, or farmers.

    Copywriters break the mold. They tend to work from home, on flexible schedules. They get big checks for stories, something your ancestors wouldn’t have even called “real work” no matter how much it paid!

    But this isn’t about the rules of the past … it’s about what you’d like future generations to uncover about you.

    Do you want them to find another one of the “same-old, same-old” professions?

    Or do you want them to see that you used your storytelling skills to grow the family tree in a whole new direction?

    Learning to make a great living differently

    While curiosity, persistence, and the ability to tell a great story are natural skills, the rest of copywriting consists of learned skills.

    And, you can pick up those skills — and be well on your way to making six-figures or more from them — in as little as 12 months.

    That’s how long it takes (on average) to complete AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

    This program takes you from the very beginning — the very start of the story — and shows you how to create the kinds of stories that businesses will pay top dollar to have.

    It’s been around for over 16 years — not long in genealogical terms, but plenty of time for the program to train thousands of people just like you in the fine art of making a comfortable living using simple stories.

    And yet, for all the thousands of people we’ve trained, businesses continue to come to me asking for where they can find more copywriters.

    That’s why I’m here talking to you today.

    I know there’s an incredible need for more copywriters to help businesses all over the country get their stories out.

    And I’d like to see you use your natural skills plus what you’ll learn in the Accelerated Program to help these businesses — and earn a nice income for yourself along the way.

    So I’m coming to you with a very special, very limited time opportunity.

    Order AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting today and you can get started for only $99.25.

    You’ll be able to get started as soon as your order is processed … and I’ll give you a full year to check out the program from top to bottom.

    Do all the activities. Research all the opportunities. And if at the end of that year, copywriting isn’t something you want as a part of your family history, just let me know and I’ll make sure you get back every penny you paid.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained

    At some point, your ancestors picked up and moved in search of a better life … maybe even multiple times.

    But you don’t have to move from where you’re sitting right now to find a better life.

    As a professional storyteller, a copywriter, you’ll be able to make a great living using your natural skills and AWAI’s professional training.

    You’ll be able to build a life that’s all yours … something new … something different … something worth remembering and retelling for future generations.

    Learn more about AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

    To your success,

    Rebecca Matter
    Co-Managing Partner, AWAI

    P.S. Remember, you can test-drive the program for a full year. With your skills, I know that’s plenty of time for you to check out the program and prove to yourself you can make money … or I’ll give you every penny of your money back. There’s absolutely no risk to you — and the next exciting new chapter in your family story could start right now.

    P.P.S. Here’s some of our “family stories” about how the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting changed our members’ next chapters more than they ever dreamed possible …

    “I never imagined my life could change so fast! Within 12 months of signing up for your program, I deposited $103,783 in the bank working from home as a copywriter. Thank you for totally changing life for me and my family!”
    — Joshua B.
    Springville, UT

    “AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting was everything I hoped it would be! It was easy for me to walk away from an 18-year engineering career shortly after I finished the program. I had all the work I could handle. I feel like I’m finally leading the life I was meant to live. I can’t thank you enough!”
    — Krista Jones
    Roswell, GA

    “Copywriting gave me back my passion, and a renewed sense of purpose. Now I look forward to new experiences, and I’m enjoying a new career.”
    — Tonimarie Marrese
    AWAI Member Since 2003

    “Well, I got my first paid assignment — even before I’m done with the program! I’ve been telling various people I’ve networked with over the years what I’m up to … and that (led) to a real paying assignment. $3,000 for about one week’s worth of writing — an email and direct-mail sales campaign. And, there will be more work on the heels of this project.”
    — Mike P.
    Coeur d’Alene, ID

    “I’m in my sixth month and I’ve already made more than three times the cost of the program [at that time about $1,500]. I landed jobs I learned about in The Golden Thread … and I’m confident both will result in more work from the clients.”
    — Harvey G.
    White House, TN

    “It seems like yesterday that I wrote to you from the Grand Tetons about my first copywriting job.

    “Well … it practically WAS yesterday! Just four short months ago. And I’m still in my RV, now enjoying the incredible vistas of Arizona. Working on the road is working out beautifully … it’s a perfect fit.

    “That’s why I’m so thrilled to share this with you. Because I have just nailed down my first $8,000 copywriting job!

    “But it’s even better than that. In addition, I’ve already made $4,025 the past two weeks, for a total of $12,025 … and January’s only half done!

    “I can’t thank AWAI enough. Believe me, it’s not overkill when I say the Copywriting program has literally transformed my life.
    Thank you for helping me realize a lifelong dream.”
    — Tina L.
    Traveling the USA

    “I had some big moments this year. We bought a new house on the 8th hole of a private golf course here in Knoxville. I paid off all of my outstanding credit card and student loan debt. I paid off a car two years early, a motorcycle four years early, and we’re now doubling up on my wife’s car payments. We’re remodeling the house — cash. And we’ve got six months living expenses in the bank.

    “But it’s not about the dollars coming in, it’s about what the dollars can buy: freedom and options. I now have the freedom of knowing that my stuff really is my stuff. If I lose my biggest client, I’m still okay because the car, the motorcycle, the home improvements — they’re all paid for.

    “And because I don’t have that pressure of making the sale with every client, I can actually be very picky about who I work with. That’s freedom”
    — Sean McCool
    AWAI-trained copywriter

    PS Don’t miss out on your chance to develop a Six-Figure Copywriting career, Just $99.25 is all it takes to develop and hone your writing skills.

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Today’s review concerns continuing education courses. With a full time job you may think it is impossible for you to continue your education and stay on top of the latest changes in your field. Think again.

Attending class on line is the best way to update your skills. Most classes are one night a week, assignments with reading, perhaps write a paper. Something that can be completed in the evenings and a couple of hours on the weekend.

There are many professions that now expect you to continue your education. CE (continuing education) units are easily obtained by attending workshops, a short course, and in some cases reading an article with a short quiz after. Many require recertification, which means taking a couple classes and attending a two to three hour test session.

360Training offers workforce training for those who are in need or simple choose to continue their education. They offer the largest selection of e-Training than any other on line educational service. Here is a list of a few of the industries:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Food & Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Media Career Training
  • Medical & Fitness
  • Information Technology

For the career seeker, the courses offered will get you started toward that new career or further the one you are in. For more information and to check availablity in your industry, click here.

Are you a teacher, professor, or do you want to be? Publish your curriculum with 360Training. Author your courses and build your classes. Follow this link:
360training – World’s Largest Workforce e-Training and Learning Management Solution Provider

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Lunches are packed and the kids are off to school.  The house is comfortably tidy and the errands are done.  If you’re a stay-at-home mom you’ve probably got a system down that frees up a good bit of time in your day.  So what will you do with that time?  Many stay-at-home moms are discovering ways that they can remain at home to manage the affairs of the house and family without compromising the ability to also make a contribution to the household financial situation.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports a significant decrease in stay-at-home mother numbers from 2008-2012.  A strained economy forced many stay-at-home mothers to make a tough decision, pitting financial security against full time-mothering and household management.  But some women refuse to make that choice and instead opt for another option that entails a careful balance between family, house and finances.  How did they do this?  Simple.  Work from home.

There are many jobs that can be done from home while the kids are in school.

Computer Programming

In a technology driven world, it’s no secret that computer programmers are in high demand. While one would need to invest in some computer classes to be able to program computers, it is a time and money investment that is sure to offer great returns financially while offering flexibility to match.  How great is that?  US News Money reports that the average computer programmer in the U.S. is paid an annual salary of $78,260.00.  What a great contribution to the family budget—sans the daycare bill!


If you’re more of an artistic person photography could be an avenue of extra income while your little ones are in school.   You may have an eye for photographing things and with some basic equipment these days a person can produce a pretty impressive result.  Remember that photography doesn’t stop at taking photos of weddings and portraits.  There is also landscape photography, food photography and other small jobs working for real estate, appraisal and insurance companies taking photos of properties for listings, valuation and insurance inspections or claims.   If being a photographer isn’t necessarily up your ally, you could also consider other jobs related to photography, such as editing digital images for busy photographers.  These jobs do not require a degree, and little experience, much of which can be gained through on-the-job training.

Web Design

Web Design is a great choice for those who are interested in getting into the technology field, but still want an element of artistic creativity.  Most businesses these days have or need a website.  Even small operations should really have one—it’s almost an expectation in today’s technology dependent society.  There are a couple of ways a person can do web design as a job.  The first is to go to school and learn web design.  Another more simple way may be to offer design using hosting sites that have pre-made websites that are customizable.  As long as you can familiarize yourself with how each hosts site setup works, you can then use this knowledge to create a website for someone else’s business.


The idea of having kids in the house after you’ve sent yours to school may not appeal to everyone, but if having little tikes around is something that you love, doing daycare for just a couple of children might be a great solution for you.  Most states require licensing only after a certain number of children are being cared for, and aside of the pay that comes from the parents, many states also have nutritional programs that offer supplement income to providers for tracking and feeding healthy meals to children.  This can be a very rewarding job, with some in home daycare providers being the first step toward learning, much the same as pre-school.

Direct Sales

Yes, I said it!  Direct sales.  These kinds of opportunities aren’t for everyone.  They require a high level of motivation and discipline.  There are a myriad of reputable direct sales companies that nurture and mentor women to success—most of them focusing on empowering women to be successful in career without compromising family and home.   With everything from candles to weight loss programs, it’s easy to find a company that offers a product that is in line with your values to help you make a few extra bucks each month.