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JFB Marketing: Always Move Forward with Everything you do..

One of the many benefits to belonging to networks is you make new friends, from all over the world. Sort of makes the world feel smaller. Today at ApSense a friend sent a note about an article he published at his blog. After reading it I felt it needed to be shared with you, my readers. Click the link and take a moment to read.

I won’t tell you what it is about, but you will see my comments there at the end. Please leave him a comment and share your insights. Joseph Botelho is a warm and friendly guy, he has been very helpful at ApSense.

Why not join us at Apsense by clicking the banner and learning more.

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How do you view search engine optimization? Does it seem overwhelming and time consuming? Have you refused to educate yourself? I know how you feel.

There are a few items every web mistress should have when building a website, even a blog. These few tools aid in developing the layout, optimizing for search engines, and making it user friendly. Who wants to visit a website that takes forever to load in your browser?

In talking with website owners I have discovered that each one believes that search engine optimization is beyond them. Keyword research, checking code, links, and other important aspects of a blog and website is time consuming. Especially when you use more than one piece of software or do it all by hand.

I have a solution. One I use frequently. It has become an invaluable tool for me. I do not like spending all my time fixing links, researching keywords, balancing the pages, and fixing the numerous other errors that do occur.

WebCEO ( http://www.webceo.com/cgi-bin/go/clickthru.cgi?id=officewife) has been a gift. I can input my website’s url, select the task and wait a few seconds. Reports are created that explain about keywords, meta tags, errors in both areas, if any, and how I stack up to the competition if I choose to know. A free trial is ready for you to give it a try. Click here ( http://www.webceo.com/cgi-bin/go/clickthru.cgi?id=officewife) and check it out for yourself. There is no cost or obligation. No pushy sales person is going to bother you. I know I won’t.

I would like to know what you think of it. If you purchase the full Pro version of WebCeo http://www.webceo.com/cgi-bin/go/clickthru.cgi?id=officewife), you can sell SEO services to your clients, friends, family, and strangers. The free online version allows you to set up two sites. Upgrade and again, sell your SEO services.

I create complete reports for my clients, letting them know if keywords are missing, how they rate compared to their competitors, meta tags are either too short or too long, too many out going links, and not enough back links. There are 12 tools in one piece of software.

I repeat, 12 tools in WebCEO. I invite you to try it for yourself. There is at least one free software program similar to this program, but it was a bit complicated and time consuming. I am spoiled, so back to WebCEO.

SEO software by Web CEO

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Everyone has their favorite plugins, software, toys, and games. We each share likes and dislikes. Hopefully agreeing to disagree when we do not like what someone else likes? Mmmm.

Each of the following plug ins are free from WordPress.org. However, if you have WordPress installed, simply go to your Plug ins menu and search. I find this way easier and faster. 🙂 Not that I have to tell the veteran bloggers how to install plug ins. 🙂

AddToAny: Subscribe Button

Those buttons you see at the top of sites or under blog posts that read Share, clicking the button provides a list of social networks. This is one of those plug ins.

I tried a different because it linked in my blog posts, so you could choose which post to share. But, seems the visit plugin sitelink next to the plug in information was to my site and with another piece of code. Not good. Grateful I have security plug ins. Which brings up a great point: Check on the creator, website, ratings, and other information regarding the plug in you want to use.


Now this is probably every one’s favorite. If it is not, it should be. Since installing Akismet I do not get spam comments. Yeah. You know those comments that are gibberish or “gee I like your post.” The links are either bogus or tied to some spammy site. If you do not have this, you should. But if you have one that you like better, great. YEAH…

All in One SEO

All in One SEO is created and maintained by SemperFi Web Design. I like the interface of this plug in. It is simple, self-explanatory, and quick. Set up for the blog, each page, each post. Or disable it per post or page. Very little explanation or use instructions required. Except to become familiar with SEO.

Google Analytics for WordPress

The Google Analytics plug in is easier to use and quick to set up. Plug and play, well all most. You need a Googleaccount and to obtain the API key. Still even this is easy to move through. Fill in a few blanks, click and click. Done.


Translate your blog into 58 languages. All with a click of the mouse. No need to configure. You do need a widgetized WordPress theme. Once the plug in is installed, go to the widget page of your blog and click, drag the GTranslate button to the spot on your sidebar. Done. Try it out. View your home page, click the drop down button and select a language. No translator can translate words in an image. Your banners won’t translate. You may want to use the Alternate Text box to include one or two word descriptions in a couple of the more popular languages. The Description is another option to put a few words in Spanish or French, for instance.

Network Publisher

What a lot of work posting to every social network. Using the Network Publisher has cut the time in half. I say in half because I am with a couple of social networks that are not included. Manual submission… You need to register, obtain an API key and link your networks to Network Publisher. Once this is done, plug and play. 🙂 With a free account you are allowed four networks.

Press This Reloaded

Drag the Press This button to the toolbar and blog on any web page, picture, social network, any internet site you visit. Simplifies the sharing process. Especially if you are an affiliate. Write a review, publish. Not complicated. Installing the plug in happens in a few seconds.

WordPress Firewall 2

Now to my life saver. Or blog saver. Since installing the WordPress Firewall 2, the attacks on my blog are decreasing and the hack problem has been solved. At least for now. I learned so much about security and protecting my blog after I was hacked. The funny thing is, the installed links went nowhere. What was the point? Just to aggravate? Really?

WordPress Ping Optimizer

I just installed the WordPress Ping Optimizer plug in. Not sure how it is going to help. When it comes to actions like pinging, I am a newbie. A willing newbie, but still. There is a long list of sites to ping. Services you can use, some free, some paid. Or, install your ping optimizer and let it to do the work.

Something I just learned about blogs, each time you make a correction, the service is pinged. This plug in lets you set how often to ping. One ping every 15 minutes or every 45. The longer span is great if you are working on your blog adding new plug ins, posts, etc.

That is it for now. These are my favorite plug ins, so far. Since each one is free I wanted to give a shout to the creators. I appreciate the hard work, maintained security and keeping them updated.

On to the next project.

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In the ongoing search for the legitimate work from home options

I came across this blog, Be the Boss Network. Today’s articles concerns moms who are either working from home or striving to.

Tips for Future Work at Home Moms discusses what you can expect, need to consider, and planning how to make the transition but most importantly how to manage your life at home while working.

Balancing your work schedule and family life is not any easier when you work from home. Most days the family take the time from work. Other days it is the opposite.

Finding balance is not easy. You have to develop the mind set that you are still going to work. Considering the home office space is an important first step.

Check out the information from Be the Boss Network.

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Every office must have some form of printer. There is no way around it.

As attractive as the concept of paperless offices may be, the fact is paper is still the medium of choice. People like to hold a piece of paper in their hand, read and thumb through each page. It would seem comfort comes from the physical contact of a piece of paper.

What printer is best for you? There are considerations besides the cost.

How much space do you have? A shelf with a 2 foot clearance above and a shelf width of about 2 feet will proved most all-in-one and single printers plenty of room. This works in any small office space. Even if the shelf does not have a clearance measuring the suggested 2 feet, you can still manage with less space. The issue is being able to top load documents, opening the lid to replace cartridges and clear paper jams.

The information provided by printer manufacturers include ppm: pages per minute; dpi: dots per inch; size of printer: depth, height, length or width; and cost. This information is only the basics of what you should know about the printer you purchase.

When you bring your printer home to set it up is a bit late to learn that the printer requires print heads and cartridges, four or five cartridges at that. The cost of each cartridge is nearly as much as the printer, and the only cartridges you can use during the warranty are the manufacturers. Generic, re-manufactured cartridges will void your warranty.

Do your homework, visit the website of the printer manufacturer. Price is a strong persuasion, but it should not be the only consideration. How much are the cartridges and print heads? How long does the ink last? How often should I print to keep the machine in top operating condition?

A visit to the HP document page of my printer instructed me that to keep the print heads healthy and use minimal ink printing should occur frequently, at the least once a week. When left to sit longer the ink evaporates, it takes more ink to prime the print heads, and clean them, than it would if I printed a page every other day or so.

Discover and get to know the printer of your choice. The information available at time of purchase is limited. To learn about the care and keeping of your printer, the cartridges, warranty, and more, go to the website. Canon, Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Epson, Polaroid, each one has more information about your particular printer of interest at the respective websites.

I did not know the cost of the cartridges or that this machine required two print heads and cartridges. Imagine my embarrassment when I accidentally discovered the cartridge door. I grasped both sides of the printer to move it forward and my left hand slipped, opening a small panel where four cartridges sit. When I called tech I kept asking where the cartridges went, not one person I spoke to got it.

Another important point, before you agree to buy if you are at the store,  check for documentation, even if you have to open the box to check. Also check the cartridges, print heads, are they installed or will you have to do it, because they should not be installed. Look the box over for tampering. In my case the tape job was good and I did not notice it had been opened, used and returned. No documentation, no information, and the cartridges were already installed, used, and dried up.

Remember do not purchase by price alone. I listen to more complaints about not knowing how to operate the printer or in my case finding out after the fact, the need to print more often.

Need someone to do the research? I am for rent.