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Welcome to today’s information. My research continues.

I signed up for the work at home newsletter from a couple of sources, to be named soon. One of the updates provided me a link to a business system that involved coaching, training, and ongoing support, especially through the first 90 days. For $9.95 shipping you will receive a business kit.

Before I continue I would like to define what a business kit means to me. A business kit should contain the information about the business, what the options are, instructions for continuing, the products and marketing basics. In other words you should know what you are getting yourself into and prior to paying shipping you should also know that there is a further cost, a trial period is being offered.

The business kit cost me shipping, the small print in the introduction letter informed me I had a 15 day trial after which I would be charged $39,95. Not a bad price if the kit was a true kit and offered me value for the cost. However, the value is missing. Sending it back will cost you the shipping, so the total price if they get it in good resalable condition is approximately $15 dollars  just to see if it is what you wish. Trust me it is not.

This business kit contains nothing about the business, marketing, etc. Vague information about health and wealth products, but no cost analysis, no information about what you will be doing, how, or what to expect. There is nothing to help you make a decision. The content is vague, promotional material.

I did more research after receiving the kit. Rather than the other way around, duh, follow my own advice. Eeek. Anyway, I found a video on YouTube by 19justinclark where he explains the process, much like this article. But he goes on to tell you what the content is you are really going to be selling.  The video is well presented and non-malicious.

If you have $9.95 to pay, plus $39.95, then further investments for products, plus the extras offered by the organization, then this is the business for you. The product is HerbaLife company. The cost is at minimum $399. So if you are interested go to Online Business System.  There is a form to complete to receive your kit. Once you get the kit, know that you time begins from the date it is shipped so you can return it if you find what I did.

Herbalife has a long history of quality products and continues to march with the rest of the industry. New products and formulations are added regularly. However, it is not my cup of tea. Also, the kind of money it takes to invest is beyond me. You will want expendable income to begin any business venture.

Never use money you cannot afford to let go of. The time it takes to create a viable rent and bill paying business takes time and effort. If you do not have the willingness to commit to sales, cold calling, knocking on doors or the money to pay for marketing materials, then do not spend the money. There are other work options and I will be adding them in the next couple of days.

If you join Herbalife, let me know how you are doing. Or if you are currently a member, please share your successes. DO NOT comment otherwise. I do not, nor will I allow, posts containing negative or hateful garbage.

Bless you and thank you for sharing the journey. You inspire me.

8 08 11

5 Steps to a Freelance Writing Career!

In my internet journey I came across this great article that outlines a plan of action by a work at home person. I especially like the name of the site: The Work at Home Wife.

Her steps give a balanced, sensible plan of action to beginning your writing career.

Take a moment and peruse.

Bless you and see you again.

23 04 11

Do you need insurance if you work from home? Even home operated businesses can use some protection. The articles at Entrepreneur will help you with the basics, like how to decide on what type of insurance, how much to spend, and what needs you should cover.

I find Entrepreneur especially helpful with research and insight into working from my home. I know you will as well.

Stay tuned more to come as I travel the road of working at home information.

Is there a topic or information you could use researched? Drop me a line and I will check it out. Go to my contact page and select how to contact me.

31 08 10

We can all use free stuff. How about a free vacation? Well, have not found that as yet. But for now let’s talk about Freeware, software available to use without purchase. I have previously listed a few I use on a regular basis. They never give me a problem, especially if I have to reinstall. YEAH. More about that later.

Today I have a three websites to share with you that offer Freeware, Shareware, and paid software options. The favorite are trial software with a purchase offer later. Some are only 14 days, others 30 days. No matter it gives you and I the opportunity to try the software out before purchasing. This is especially helpful if you experience problems, getting in touch with tech support for any software is mega important. There are some Freeware that do not offer tech support, you are sort of on your own. What I mean is some do offer a forum where you will find support from other users.

New sites I recently discovered and still research are as follows:

Easy Freeware

This is an archive of software you can get for free. The list includes games, photo software, productivity software, video and audio converters as well as player. There is a list of Blackberry applications that could take up this whole page, go see for yourself. The list is extensive as is the software available for download.

Free Download Manager

Here is another website filled with the latest and older software available to you both free and purchase. However, there are trial periods available offering you a chance to play before you pay. The alpha list begins with audio and video, business, communications, developer tools, plus many categories. Go check it out for yourself, I am still exploring.

This one is my old favorite.

Source Forge

Are you searching for a place to host your newly developed, open source software? SourceForge.net is the place to be noticed. Plus you can download almost any software program equivalent to the pay for software. You will find software to help you develop more software, patches and add ons to Windows operating system, hardware drivers, and so much more.

If you have a website you would like to share that offers free software I will be happy to share it with my readers. Please contact me and send me the information. Thank you.

31 01 09

The recent wave of layoffs has caused a huge jump in opportunities on the web to work from your home. Sorting them out is a tedious task and one I have diligently undertaken. I work from my home office as a virtual assistant and spiritual guide. I love both of my vocations, thought the latter is much more fulfilling, I get to help people change their lives.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the topic of working from home, the first thing I have to tell you is do not pay anyone to get you work. I repeat in capital letters in case you missed it:


That is unless you want to (excuse this) piss your money away. That is your choice, I am telling you that it is not necessary and if you are like me that few dollars can feed you at least another day or two until work does come in. Hence my research and the following list of places to go find work and I am not making a dime out of the links I am placing in here, because membership is not required.

(WARNING: check on the organizations you apply to, ask for their information before submitting too much personal information, since some of these are rip off scams and will cause you pain. I will be including a place to research next.)

Employed OnLine

This lists numerous jobs available for anyone seeking to work at home without creating a login/profile. Be warned, I repeat this because unscrupulous people exist, research, ask questions. And do not send personal information or money.

Simply Hired A job search board as the last one, warning stands. You can opt to create a profile here, save the jobs you search and as before, it bears repeating a million times, do your research and ask for company information.

Freelance Job Openings Same warnings and information.

Jobs.net This is a job board for the entire country, contains listing of brick n mortar offices and other jobs.

The ones I have profiles at, offer upgrades for a monthly fee, the choice is still yours. However, I am not buying my work.

This is an all in one site, with insurance, community, gigs, and other member benefits.

For now that should get you busy, more to come later.

I am working on a directory for the different venues available, so if you have one in particular that you would like featured, send me the link. Do not post it in comments because it will go to spam. See my contact information on the contact me page.

Thank you and good hunting.