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The six figure income, the ghost of all ghosts. Riches, millions, seeking the almighty dollar. The goal of so many and yet few attain it. Six figures is five zeros and a number 1-9. Earning a six figure income is a goal that all can share, but getting it is another matter.

Let’s look at a few of the ways known on the internet:

Affiliate Marketing: The short of this is marketing someone else’s product for a percentage of the sale. The products range from books to tractors, maybe even zebras. More companies are utilizing affiliates to sell their products now than ever before. Percentages range from 3% a sale to 50% a sale. Few products offer more than 10 to 15%, on average.

Multilevel Marketing Or Network Marketing: Again you are selling someone else’s product for a share of the profits. The percentages vary as do affiliate marketing. The difference between affiliate and network marketing is you recruit others into your network and train them to go out and sell and recruit.

Your Own Product: Creating your own product depends on what your passion is. As you will notice when you research affiliate marketing products can be how-to-manuals, videos, or audio recording. If you are a writer of fiction, non-fiction, or other topics, creating an ebook may appeal to you.

The limit is set in your mind. If it can be packaged and shipped or downloaded, it can be created.

These are three of the most common ways of making a living on line, the path to a six figure income. How you get there is another story. Your needs, a simplistic list:

  • Web hosting
  • Web site (blog or shopper’s page)
  • An account to collect payments (PayPal or AlertPay, for instance
    Marketing basic skills


  • A few social networks
  • Knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization)
  • A Desire to learn and grow.

An effective six figure income earner knows that reading, application, delegation, and other arduous tasks are necessary to develop that income in a steady stream and keep it coming in.

Want to know more? Come back later for the next installment. Or Contact me.

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My hosting company GVO is in pre-launch with a new hosting business. For those who cannot afford to pay the lion’s share of hosting fees, this is the right company to begin with.

Click the banner, Listen to the video, then take your trial period for a buck. $1.00 US will set you up to earn an income. If before the 7 days is up you decide this is not for you, then cancel. No further obligations, no tracking you down to ask why you left me, well HostThenProfits at least.

I am inviting you to join me in developing an income through web hosting services. With the explosion of hosting options and business growth online this is one service that will never stop being required.

HostThenProfits will beat the competitors hands down. Guaranteed.


Website Hosting and business opportunity

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Google Blog post: Help Wanted


Because I like Google, did a check a while back about Google Hiring.

Guess what? It is true. The problem? I do not have the skill set they want.

Programmers are the biggest demand, but if you know about video and other tech stuff, then this is a job you may be interested in.

Rather than read my version, go read theirs.

Catch me up, let me know if it is a job for you. 🙂

27 06 11

A simple step to proof reading your own copy is to read from the end to the beginning. This small step will help your eye catch misspelled and misused words that reading beginning to end would not.

A short while back I posted an article to demonstrate how the eye is accustomed to word patterns. The letter x replaced the letter e in several words.

Example: Thx lxttxr x rxplacxd thx lxttxr x in sxvxral words.

If you are speed reading the words are familiar enough to skip over.

Proof reading is at its base a matter of speed reading. You are seeking misspelled words, grammar errors, not checking for accuracy at this point. Or not always. Some authors will combine the tasks into one proof reading task. Mistakes are missed when this happens, not intentionally. Well, here are a few words that get missed.

Form = from
For = four
read = read 🙂 had to do that.
bear = bare

You get the idea. Don’t you?

To ensure you do not miss these common mistakes, read from the end of the paragraph to the beginning. Hence this paragraph would read:

read would paragraph this Hence . beginning the to paragraph the of end the from read ,mistakes common these miss not do you ensure To

Get it? Use to hate it when I first began practicing proof reading my articles, homework, and yes, even my journal. After a time you get faster and more accustomed. Do not get to fast, again accustomed becomes missing those errors mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps for now. Become your own proof reader. Actually very simple indeed.

Thank you and look forward to meeting again.