8 06 16

Good afternoon, a short post to update anyone reading my blog. I have been so tied up with family the past few years, this and my other blogs have sat collecting dust.

That is going to change.

So stay tuned for some terrific insight, information, and product reviews. I am doing your homework for you.

It would seem that blogging is the new job for so many people. Amazing to me how many have become experts out there. But it is also inspiring and bit disappointing as far as my lax attitude with my blogs. I set them up for a reason, right?

I have picked up a list of tools, insights, and products to share with you.

For now, have a good evening or day, depending on when you read this. Subscribe to me, follow me, and let’s take this journey together.

In the mean time I had to share this with you: About working from home.

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29 02 16

One of the many tasks I feature in my services is computer troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, and updates. The add on to providing that service is to provide education to those who own the computer I am currently working on. I do have a tendency to work my self out of a job. Which is rare, because my clients continue to rely on me no matter how much they learn. I appreciate the loyalty and faith each client bestows upon me.

In my regular searches I do come across articles, how to bits n pieces, generalized and complicated information I like to pass on. One of the more common areas I find a need is with those of us in the latter years of our lives. Many of my clients are seniors, some have never been on a computer, many have used one for emails, browsing the Internet and playing games. They have never learned the care and feeding of their computer. It is my job to teach them how to take care of their computer and remain independent. There are those moments of technical issues beyond the scope of their skills, this is where I come in. Even then it is a moment of education for both of us.

Here is an article that came to my attention by a reader, I believe it has significant relevance to those who are in the latter years of their lives.

A Senior’s Guide to Using Computers and Software — by Sean Spencer, Software Development Expert and Author The website is a source of information for seniors, Mapcon. You will find a lot of information provided here. Topics are extensive, information is freely provided, you have no obligations to obtain the information you require.

As the weeks march on, I will provide further information via my social media sites and here. Please take a moment and share, follow, and provide feedback. I appreciate your time and interest.

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27 01 16

What to do about the fees? My site is hosted with GVO, have been an affiliate since they were Kiosk in Canada. Forgot how long ago that was. I have never earned much, for a time paid my monthly fees with the earnings.

Then they shifted to a new processing/affiliate service and my entire down line was wiped out. Was told that one of the people quite, so that takes the entire down line out? Did not make sense, so gave up trying to get answers. They changed their tech service, now farmed out to the Phillipines, fine, but no one seems to understand what I need when I have a problem. Have had to escalate the ticket a few times to get anywhere.

Many problems over the years, yet I persist in staying with them. New programs added, the few who can earn a great deal, into the millions from what I hear. For me, the little guy, that is not so. Limited on resources, money and it is a “Catch 22.” Need to spend in order to earn. Those who join through the click to earn lists do not stick around, but the influx is good for the first month or two, then gone.

Add to that the ongoing changes in my life. Family and my own health put somethings on a back burner. Yeah. No excuses, just the way life rolls. Still a bit of change comes in. Not enough. Because GVO charged 5% of affiliate income when processing payments, the company they process to charges them and the affiliates. So, double charges. To process payments Payoneer charges $1 to $3, then a $3 monthly service fee. GVO took 5% immediately to cover their costs. Now it is 10%. If you earn 6 figures, no big loss, the cost of doing business, right? But if you earn say $6 a month? You have nothing left and owe money.

I have hung in long enough. Doing some homework. Have checked with a couple of other site hosts with affiliate accounts, they do not charge fees and have no issues with PayPal closing or freezing their accounts. At least none I have found. The fees are less and the service is in country. Not sure the latter is such a great bonus, but am doing my homework.

I am removing all GVO links from my sites. Not advertising their services any longer. I really am tired of making someone else rich and getting to hear how awful this company is and the owner. I hear more complaints than compliments.

Working as an affiliate means earning and paying fees. I get that. But, the fees are killing me. Those who take a look at the offering, provide me negative feedback, so how do I beat that? When I ask, I get no help, no answers, and am tired of the struggle.

Time to move on. When you have to ask how much more to endure, you have endured too much. Earning a living as an affiliate should not cost you all that you earn. Especially when the company itself is raking in the millions. I keep paying them to make a living. No more.

And that is todays tidbit. Suggestions, comments? I am eager to hear.

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