18 04 12

Today I have another legal resource for those of you who live in Farmington Hills and Birmingham, Michigan. In the never ending search for viable services to provide you I found an attorney that will help you with estate and probate planning.

The Law Offices of Judith H. Blumeno offers clients a sensitive hand in dealing with the issues surrounding divorce, separation, and other family issues. Ms. Blumeno and her staff help you to understand your legal rights in the areas of family law and find a creative way in coping with the grief and anger you may be experiencing.

To discuss your options and begin planning your legal path, visit the website of The Law Offices of Judith H. Blumeno. With three offices to serve you in the Farmington Hills, Birmingham, and Southfield, Michigan, you do not have far to travel.

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16 04 12

Made a new friend last week. Have you heard of Pre-Paid Legal? They have an identity shield that will help you regain your identity in the event that it is stolen. Now, there is no way to prevent anyone from taking your identity. None. The best you can do is keep a watch on your credit accounts.

In the event that you identity is stolen, attorneys are available to help you restore your life. Pre-Paid Legal is available for all events that happen after you begin your membership.

Here is the information Chip sent me:
It was great talking with you. Again, hereโ€™s the information we talked about over the phone to help you further research our company.

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Listen on Line: Click or Call 310-362-8208

Then, give me a call back or reply to this E-mail with the best number and time to reach you so I can answer any questions you might have.

My direct line is: 815-416-9202

My E-mail is: chipjoco@gmail.com

Listen Line: 832-225-5005

Chip Thom
LegalShield : Total access. Total freedom

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6 04 12

With the cost of prescriptions climbing and co-pay increasing, you may find yourself having to make the decision between eating or purchasing medication. There is no one simple answer to this problem. However, using a free prescription card that offers a discount on your medication is a bonus. There are thousands of prescription cards available with a varying rate of discounts. Not all medication is covered, for instance brand names do not receive as great a discount as the generic version. Not all brand name medications offer a generic version.

Sorting through the fine print may be too daunting to bother with. Understanding how a prescription card works for you and the company providing it is just as daunting. Who wants to read several pages of legalese? Who would have that sort of time? The desperate do not want to take the time. Everyone should shop around for the best deals. There are a few terms that can make it easier to grasp the benefits and problems with the various prescription cards available.


The card is free to you. No fees, no payments, or annual dues are asked of you. Ever. If the prescription card is free and you are asked to make a payment of some sort for the card itself, walk away. Tell that person no thank you.

The prescription card does not provide free medication. What it is designed to do is provide you a discount on your medications. Discounts may range from 20 percent to 90 percent. The discount will depend on the medication. There are some cards that can help you pay for cancer treatments and medical equipment.


Every prescription card has a disclaimer. The most important point to understand about the card is that it is not insurance. It does not pay for medical treatments, or provide discounts. There should be an explanation about the terms regarding prescription supplies. For instance the cost quoted is for a 30-day supply.


The providers are those pharmacies that will accept your prescription card. Check the directory provided by the prescription card company. Pharmacies may provide a prescription club service, like Walgreens and Walmart, where costs are reduced by as much as 90 percent on generics and less of a discount on brand names.

How do prescription cards work?

Actually the question should be, how can anyone offer a free prescription card? What’s the gimmick or catch? Each company that provides a free prescription card offering various discounts on medications, treatments, supplies, and equipment receive a payment for each instance. In other words, when you use your card, the company will get paid. There is money to earn with prescription cards. A few companies are in search of affiliates to hand out free cards. Affiliates earn a percentage or flat rate for each prescription.

Where to find your prescription card?

A Google search will turn up over 300,000,000 million links. You could search all of them, but…

If you have a favorite pharmacy, check with the pharmacist about discounts, prescription card program. For instance, CVS Pharmacy provides a card you can use at any of their participating stores. If you have insurance check to see if they have a prescription plan. Medicare & Medicaid provide most medications free. Not all prescription cards can be used with Medicare or Medicaid. Check the fine print of both programs.

Free Prescriptions

There are prescription manufacturers that will send you medication free or at a generous discount based upon your income. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is the place to go. There is a phone number to call or you can apply directly on line. Once the application process is complete you will know if your medication is covered or if a prescription card is your best bet. TogetherRX is a partner of this program, offering discounts on many medications.

Earn By Giving Away Free Prescription Cards

There is a prescription card that provides several programs with the prescription cards. Affiliates earn $1 per prescription filled and a decent percentage from the other programs. There are two ways you can hand out cards, printing them yourself or purchasing printed cards.

For more information contact me. Affiliates are wanted now. Learn more by dropping me an email or chatting with me on Yahoo or Skype.

Now, $1 p/prescription may not seem like a lot of money. However, if you give out thousands of cards and thousands of prescriptions are filled, you can make thousands. ๐Ÿ™‚ Apologies. I could not resist that last sentence. The truth is that all programs work like this. The more you give, the more you can get, the more work you do the more you earn. Just a matter of doing the math.

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3 04 12

JFB Marketing: Always Move Forward with Everything you do..

One of the many benefits to belonging to networks is you make new friends, from all over the world. Sort of makes the world feel smaller. Today at ApSense a friend sent a note about an article he published at his blog. After reading it I felt it needed to be shared with you, my readers. Click the link and take a moment to read.

I won’t tell you what it is about, but you will see my comments there at the end. Please leave him a comment and share your insights. Joseph Botelho is a warm and friendly guy, he has been very helpful at ApSense.

Why not join us at Apsense by clicking the banner and learning more.

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1 04 12

When my blog was hacked, both of them, I went in search of security. I found it. WordPress Firewall 2, thank you Matthew Pavkov, I continue to donate to the cause when I can.

The firewall blocks all types of attacks. There are those who search for weaknesses in your WordPress blog. Matthew has a full page dedicated to what and how these exploits work.

Since I added the firewall I have received at least 20 notifications, I know more, of attacks to my blog. Funny only this blog, not my other one, yet. There is always a yet.

I check the IP locater to see if it is someone I know, the type of attack in case it was me making changes that triggerd the firewall. So far no, nada, not, me who has triggered the notifications. The IP’s track to Russia, China, and the USA.

I recently added another plugin so I can set up my books to sell. The next day and since I have received a half dozen notifications. Most track to Russia. Today’s tracked to the USA, looked at Whois and found the company name. The attack is a SQL attack on the plug in. The company it turns out is a branding company. Their motto is “Protecting Brands…. ”

Protection? Of Brands? By???

I sent an email to the admin of the business. Will wait to hear back.

Can you explain to me how an IP address can be hijacked? I am still working to understand the process. It can be exploited by hijackers, ghosted and used to send malicious content. Because of this I will have to block the IP addresses so they cannot contact my site again.

So far there have been none that I would be concerned about since they are corporations that probably would not show an interest in my little biz. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do these hackers have nothing else better to do? I mean, think about it, how much more could be made working to stop people like them. Or is that what they are doing? Working to find weaknesses and then building the software to stop it? Just a twisted process in my thinking today.

If you have an answer, I would love to hear it. I am always seeking to understand and make my sites safe for visitors.

Thank you and enjoy your day.

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