27 03 12

Today’s free article database feature is called Amazines. Like all free article directories writers and web content providers are offered a way to extend their reach. Finding larger audiences and offering free advertising.

For those seeking unique content, an article directory is not necessarily the place to go. But if you do not mind sharing the author, then you found a great place for content.

Read the rules, regs, and get to know the authors. I do not know of an author who could not be persuaded to create something special for a client. You just need to make the right offer.

Enjoy today’s free article directory.

Amazines- Free Article Directory

If you would like to have your freebies offered here at Office Wife, let me know. I can be reached via my contacts page.

I do accept requests for product reviews, website reviews, and as a ghostwriter. Visit my services page for more information.

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26 03 12

Are you a blog owner? Run out of ideas for articles? Or just too busy with work to write?

The reasons are not mine, but yours. And I have not opinion either way. But I do know I life FREE. What about you?

In my quest for resources I found another free article list. Click, search, select, and post to your blog. Just remember to provide the author with the appropriate credit. 🙂

You can post articles here also. But, if you are too busy to write, then you do not have the time to write articles for free. Or do you?

It has been suggested, probably by the owners of such sites, that you can gain links to your blog and develop credibility by posting articles to free article directories. The intent is to develop legitimate back links, reach a wider audience, and introduce yourself to potential customers.

Has anyone completed a research pertaining to this theory? If so I would like to read it. Seriously. Because as a blog owner, freelance writer, spiritual counselor, and tutor for English, computer software, and a bajillion other things, I find no time to do much else. Besides my fingers get the most exercise ever. I bet have the best fit fingers in the world. 🙂 Well, should be close enough. eh?

Alright, enough jibber jabber, here is the link to Freesticky. Oh, I make no money sharing this link. This is a resource blog, but…

Hope you find what you need. If you have a resource you would like to share, please contact me with the information or blog post. I will be happy to share it. Do me a favor and link to me. K? Thank you.

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23 03 12

How do you view search engine optimization? Does it seem overwhelming and time consuming? Have you refused to educate yourself? I know how you feel.

There are a few items every web mistress should have when building a website, even a blog. These few tools aid in developing the layout, optimizing for search engines, and making it user friendly. Who wants to visit a website that takes forever to load in your browser?

In talking with website owners I have discovered that each one believes that search engine optimization is beyond them. Keyword research, checking code, links, and other important aspects of a blog and website is time consuming. Especially when you use more than one piece of software or do it all by hand.

I have a solution. One I use frequently. It has become an invaluable tool for me. I do not like spending all my time fixing links, researching keywords, balancing the pages, and fixing the numerous other errors that do occur.

WebCEO ( http://www.webceo.com/cgi-bin/go/clickthru.cgi?id=officewife) has been a gift. I can input my website’s url, select the task and wait a few seconds. Reports are created that explain about keywords, meta tags, errors in both areas, if any, and how I stack up to the competition if I choose to know. A free trial is ready for you to give it a try. Click here ( http://www.webceo.com/cgi-bin/go/clickthru.cgi?id=officewife) and check it out for yourself. There is no cost or obligation. No pushy sales person is going to bother you. I know I won’t.

I would like to know what you think of it. If you purchase the full Pro version of WebCeo http://www.webceo.com/cgi-bin/go/clickthru.cgi?id=officewife), you can sell SEO services to your clients, friends, family, and strangers. The free online version allows you to set up two sites. Upgrade and again, sell your SEO services.

I create complete reports for my clients, letting them know if keywords are missing, how they rate compared to their competitors, meta tags are either too short or too long, too many out going links, and not enough back links. There are 12 tools in one piece of software.

I repeat, 12 tools in WebCEO. I invite you to try it for yourself. There is at least one free software program similar to this program, but it was a bit complicated and time consuming. I am spoiled, so back to WebCEO.

SEO software by Web CEO

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22 03 12

In the never ending search for relevant and fresh content for your blog do you feel overwhelmed? Costs of articles seem out of reach? There is a solution.

Writers are always seeking places to publish their content without hassle. Promoting articles, blogs, videos, and photography is not cheap, easy, or readily available via content providers. Free article directories provide freelance writers a way to get noticed.

Blog owners are always in need of more relevant content. A new blog owner may not have enough money to purchase articles. Directories offering free articles is a great way to find relevant content.

You could go in search through Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines. Find overwhelm fast, not that it was ever lost. Or you can visit my blog, Office Wife. I do the research, write, and publish. Subscribe through the RSS by clicking the Subscribe Button to the left. That’s it you got. You will stay in the loop.

While creating a directory for freelance writers, I came discovered five sites that offer free content to publishers and a way for writers promote themselves. The process is simple, all completed in just a few steps.

1. Create an account, use a legitimate email address.
2. Remember to white list the site’s email address.
3. If asked verify your account.
4. Sign into the site.
5. Develop your profile, include interests.
6. Search articles according to your needs.
7. Select and follow the article directories requirements.
8. Publish with the writer’s resource box.

That is all there is to it. FREE and simple. Ready to get started? Here are five article directories, in alpha order, to get you started. Though this should keep you busy for a while.

1. Article Alley
2. Article Dashboard Directory
3. Article Directory
4. Article Snatch
5. Ezine Articles Submission

Freelancer writers should not spin their content. However, you can create fresh from old. Recycle and reuse topics. Don’t forget to use a keyword research tool to help optimize your articles for SEO performance. Your articles are previewed prior to publishing. Be sure to read the writers guidelines. Especially if your article is denied.

Need a proofreader? Article spinner? Contact me here.

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2 03 12

As a subscriber and believer of free software I continue to vote, sign, and support free software. The Free Software Foundation sent this out today, well I got it today. 🙂

Consider this, if you support free software for your computer, do you support it for your Android or other smart phones? What about the iPod? iPad?

Well here is a solution:
Free Your Android

Enjoy. More later.

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