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If you are familiar with Clickbank.com (R), or even if you are not but you want to make profits online, then you will want to check this out ASAP

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Every office must have some form of printer. There is no way around it.

As attractive as the concept of paperless offices may be, the fact is paper is still the medium of choice. People like to hold a piece of paper in their hand, read and thumb through each page. It would seem comfort comes from the physical contact of a piece of paper.

What printer is best for you? There are considerations besides the cost.

How much space do you have? A shelf with a 2 foot clearance above and a shelf width of about 2 feet will proved most all-in-one and single printers plenty of room. This works in any small office space. Even if the shelf does not have a clearance measuring the suggested 2 feet, you can still manage with less space. The issue is being able to top load documents, opening the lid to replace cartridges and clear paper jams.

The information provided by printer manufacturers include ppm: pages per minute; dpi: dots per inch; size of printer: depth, height, length or width; and cost. This information is only the basics of what you should know about the printer you purchase.

When you bring your printer home to set it up is a bit late to learn that the printer requires print heads and cartridges, four or five cartridges at that. The cost of each cartridge is nearly as much as the printer, and the only cartridges you can use during the warranty are the manufacturers. Generic, re-manufactured cartridges will void your warranty.

Do your homework, visit the website of the printer manufacturer. Price is a strong persuasion, but it should not be the only consideration. How much are the cartridges and print heads? How long does the ink last? How often should I print to keep the machine in top operating condition?

A visit to the HP document page of my printer instructed me that to keep the print heads healthy and use minimal ink printing should occur frequently, at the least once a week. When left to sit longer the ink evaporates, it takes more ink to prime the print heads, and clean them, than it would if I printed a page every other day or so.

Discover and get to know the printer of your choice. The information available at time of purchase is limited. To learn about the care and keeping of your printer, the cartridges, warranty, and more, go to the website. Canon, Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Epson, Polaroid, each one has more information about your particular printer of interest at the respective websites.

I did not know the cost of the cartridges or that this machine required two print heads and cartridges. Imagine my embarrassment when I accidentally discovered the cartridge door. I grasped both sides of the printer to move it forward and my left hand slipped, opening a small panel where four cartridges sit. When I called tech I kept asking where the cartridges went, not one person I spoke to got it.

Another important point, before you agree to buy if you are at the store,  check for documentation, even if you have to open the box to check. Also check the cartridges, print heads, are they installed or will you have to do it, because they should not be installed. Look the box over for tampering. In my case the tape job was good and I did not notice it had been opened, used and returned. No documentation, no information, and the cartridges were already installed, used, and dried up.

Remember do not purchase by price alone. I listen to more complaints about not knowing how to operate the printer or in my case finding out after the fact, the need to print more often.

Need someone to do the research? I am for rent. 


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Welcome to today’s information. My research continues.

I signed up for the work at home newsletter from a couple of sources, to be named soon. One of the updates provided me a link to a business system that involved coaching, training, and ongoing support, especially through the first 90 days. For $9.95 shipping you will receive a business kit.

Before I continue I would like to define what a business kit means to me. A business kit should contain the information about the business, what the options are, instructions for continuing, the products and marketing basics. In other words you should know what you are getting yourself into and prior to paying shipping you should also know that there is a further cost, a trial period is being offered.

The business kit cost me shipping, the small print in the introduction letter informed me I had a 15 day trial after which I would be charged $39,95. Not a bad price if the kit was a true kit and offered me value for the cost. However, the value is missing. Sending it back will cost you the shipping, so the total price if they get it in good resalable condition is approximately $15 dollars  just to see if it is what you wish. Trust me it is not.

This business kit contains nothing about the business, marketing, etc. Vague information about health and wealth products, but no cost analysis, no information about what you will be doing, how, or what to expect. There is nothing to help you make a decision. The content is vague, promotional material.

I did more research after receiving the kit. Rather than the other way around, duh, follow my own advice. Eeek. Anyway, I found a video on YouTube by 19justinclark where he explains the process, much like this article. But he goes on to tell you what the content is you are really going to be selling.  The video is well presented and non-malicious.

If you have $9.95 to pay, plus $39.95, then further investments for products, plus the extras offered by the organization, then this is the business for you. The product is HerbaLife company. The cost is at minimum $399. So if you are interested go to Online Business System.  There is a form to complete to receive your kit. Once you get the kit, know that you time begins from the date it is shipped so you can return it if you find what I did.

Herbalife has a long history of quality products and continues to march with the rest of the industry. New products and formulations are added regularly. However, it is not my cup of tea. Also, the kind of money it takes to invest is beyond me. You will want expendable income to begin any business venture.

Never use money you cannot afford to let go of. The time it takes to create a viable rent and bill paying business takes time and effort. If you do not have the willingness to commit to sales, cold calling, knocking on doors or the money to pay for marketing materials, then do not spend the money. There are other work options and I will be adding them in the next couple of days.

If you join Herbalife, let me know how you are doing. Or if you are currently a member, please share your successes. DO NOT comment otherwise. I do not, nor will I allow, posts containing negative or hateful garbage.

Bless you and thank you for sharing the journey. You inspire me.

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I am currently working at developing my business directory filling it with offers and deals for the small and home based business person.

The next project is work from home and home based business opportunities.

Both pages are filled with the products and programs I trust the most. Each one I have been a client of and became an affiliate for. By communicating with the representatives, discussing issues, product information, etc., I can tell you that these companies are worth your while.

The representatives are there to help you become successful, use them. Each one has remained very patient, even when I have become a slight trial. I appreciate the candor and patience each has shown me. When I get off the phone or chat I feel respected and my problem has been resolved. Those who cannot answer my questions seek to find the answers. For these extra steps I remain loyal.

I know you will find the same respect and assistance I have with each one of these companies. After you join, contact me with a goal or ideas for new programs. I prefer to succeed with a team, makes the journey fun and exciting.

The pages are in the side bar, but here again:

Product Directory
Services, Products, and more. Having difficulty finding a product, Contact me. I will find what you are looking for, my research fees are usually a barter deal, but the hourly rate is $15.00. If I cannot you owe me nothing.

Work from Home and Home-Based Business Opportunities
This page has affiliate programs, home-based business (slow adding these yet), and work from/at home directory and programs. Each one is vetted and I have remained a faithful member of. Those I have vetted but have not joined will have a side note letting you know. Cannot join all of them. 🙂 Not enough time in the day.

That is if for today. More to come, you can subscribe RSS or join me at my social networks. Will be adding a newsletter very soon.

Creating a waiting list: email me with your interest.

Thank you.

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It’s officially live for registration in
the Never Ending Clients Mastery Program here.

The GameChanger video on that page walks you
through how Never Ending Clients works and
everything you receive to empower you to get
the results of a consistent stream of ideal clients.

– from step-by-step training on how to Find,
Enroll and Grow your network of Influencers,

– to ready to use marketing materials,

– to Joe’s exact presentation and process he’s
perfected the past 16 years (this is the secret sauce
nobody else has – and the key to getting
the outcome of “never ending clients”)

– and more as you will see.

I can’t wait to see the transformation this
creates for your business over the coming
weeks and months.

Register Today for Never Ending Clients Mastery Program.

To Your Success!


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