17 08 11

Is a Recession Really the Right Time to Start Working for Yourself? Maybe Not – Fox Small Business Center

If you are frustrated with the fear of layoffs and wage decreases this a worthwhile article. Majority of individuals I know decided to work for themselves from home. I am one of those many work from home individuals. I do a few types of work to keep the bills paid. But after reading this article I wonder now just how long the recession has been. I began working for myself in 2000 after much frustration with working in offices and not wanting to play at the politics any longer.

As an office assistant I can do a majority of tasks on line. Who needs to commute when you can get out of bed and walk to the desk? Sounded great to me. As far as working in my pjs? One I do not wear them, two I would still be lazing around with a coffee cup in my hand. Not….

So I have to ask, is the recession hurting your self-employed plans? Like I said in the beginning if your tired of working for someone else, consider your trade, then research if it is viable to work for yourself.

Do your homework. It will pay off in the long run. Trust me.

Got a few ideas? Want to see your ideas in print? Contact me. I am always looking for topic ideas and guest bloggers.

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16 08 11

Products, services, food, all have a return option if you are not satisfied. It is surprising to me lately, now that I pay more attention, that the number of individuals who feel it is too much of a bother to replace or refund their purchase. Well, at least when it is less than a few dollars. Though I know women who have shared clothes with me that were not what they wanted and left them hanging in the closet forever. At least until I got them. Now mind you, I greatly appreciate getting new or nearly new clothes and shoes for free, sometimes jewelry.

If you are not happy with your services or products, then why not ask for a replacement or refund? If you buy food that you do not like, do not throw it away, call the 800 number on the package. You can receive instructions on getting a refund. On the other hand, go back to the grocery and let them refund your purchase price. Some stores will be glad to exchange the product. Stop wasting.

Take a few minutes, consider the dollar here and there that you have tossed into the trash. It adds up. I considered a few times I did not feel like “wasting” my time or shipping the product back seemed too costly. Those cents added up. A lot of money when it is totaled. Another payment on a debt or saving for that long-awaited vacation or save and help out a retirement plan. Yep, money lost. Recycle, reuse, donate, return, there are many ways to keep from wasting your money. It is not too much trouble or a waste of time when you add up all those times you felt that way.

Where is your clutter?

How much food have you tossed? Here is something my mother use to tell me, have you heard it before? When I did not want to eat liver or greens, mom use to say, “Think of all those starving children in third-world countries? They would be grateful to have your meal.” My smart mouth brother would pipe in with “Send it to them.” So, let me ask you after a dozen times of tossing say an item that cost $2, don’t you think that money is a waste? 12 x 2 =24, $24 to pay a bill, treats, movies, coffee out, savings plan. The limit is yours. Oh, yea, may cost a few cents in returning it, but it adds up.

When you ask for replacements, refunds, and are in need of shipping the item, ask if the UPC label is enough with a receipt to show proof of purchase. That is only 42 cents, unless postage went up. You still receive a profit in return. The call is toll-free and is accomplished in a couple of minutes.

Why settle? Complain, request, return for replacements or refunds. Even a buck fifty a week is a saving. Especially when it seems like so little. Do the math, add it up!

Got anymore ideas to save money? (not great grammar, oh well.) Send me a paragraph or two and I will be happy to post them here. Go to my contact page to send me an email.

Want help with your office or personal writing, budgeting, or? Check my services page, then drop me a line.

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15 08 11

Google Blog post: Help Wanted


Because I like Google, did a check a while back about Google Hiring.

Guess what? It is true. The problem? I do not have the skill set they want.

Programmers are the biggest demand, but if you know about video and other tech stuff, then this is a job you may be interested in.

Rather than read my version, go read theirs.

Catch me up, let me know if it is a job for you. 🙂

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8 08 11

5 Steps to a Freelance Writing Career!

In my internet journey I came across this great article that outlines a plan of action by a work at home person. I especially like the name of the site: The Work at Home Wife.

Her steps give a balanced, sensible plan of action to beginning your writing career.

Take a moment and peruse.

Bless you and see you again.

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27 06 11

A simple step to proof reading your own copy is to read from the end to the beginning. This small step will help your eye catch misspelled and misused words that reading beginning to end would not.

A short while back I posted an article to demonstrate how the eye is accustomed to word patterns. The letter x replaced the letter e in several words.

Example: Thx lxttxr x rxplacxd thx lxttxr x in sxvxral words.

If you are speed reading the words are familiar enough to skip over.

Proof reading is at its base a matter of speed reading. You are seeking misspelled words, grammar errors, not checking for accuracy at this point. Or not always. Some authors will combine the tasks into one proof reading task. Mistakes are missed when this happens, not intentionally. Well, here are a few words that get missed.

Form = from
For = four
read = read 🙂 had to do that.
bear = bare

You get the idea. Don’t you?

To ensure you do not miss these common mistakes, read from the end of the paragraph to the beginning. Hence this paragraph would read:

read would paragraph this Hence . beginning the to paragraph the of end the from read ,mistakes common these miss not do you ensure To

Get it? Use to hate it when I first began practicing proof reading my articles, homework, and yes, even my journal. After a time you get faster and more accustomed. Do not get to fast, again accustomed becomes missing those errors mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps for now. Become your own proof reader. Actually very simple indeed.

Thank you and look forward to meeting again.

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