23 04 11

Do you need insurance if you work from home? Even home operated businesses can use some protection. The articles at Entrepreneur will help you with the basics, like how to decide on what type of insurance, how much to spend, and what needs you should cover.

I find Entrepreneur especially helpful with research and insight into working from my home. I know you will as well.

Stay tuned more to come as I travel the road of working at home information.

Is there a topic or information you could use researched? Drop me a line and I will check it out. Go to my contact page and select how to contact me.

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20 04 11

Another great insight and article from Entrepreneur Online magazine.

Insights into designing your business card. First impressions do count when that first impression is your business card.

Business cards are one of many marketing tools. Ask around at your local shops, doctor’s office, tax person, or other places you frequent about leaving about 50 cards for their clients.

Need a card holder, use card stock to create a small holder and imprint with your logo using your favorite photo software.

Use your imagination and there are limits.

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15 12 10

Welcome to another installment of free software available for instant download and no registration or fees to worry about. There are several sites available to download free software, a few have been mentioned. Today this list will increase with a few more sites, plus a couple free programs you can download today, now.

OpenOffice.orgThis suite of software includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing, presentation software, and a math program. The programs are similar to Microsoft’s Office suite. You are able to open, edit, and save your documents in other extensions compatible with Microsoft, Corel, and other similar programs. Write, create presentations, mail merge, develop databases and spreadsheets then save using the Save as command. Free, no licensing, registration is optional, but with the registration you are kept up to date on improvements, additions, and other news from Oracle.

PDF to Word Converter This program will convert pdf documents to a word document. Designed to work with Microsoft Word or Windows WordPad, however, once converted the document will open in you have OpenOffice.org Word. The only pdf documents this program cannot convert are those scanned as a pdf. Otherwise you can edit and save as a new pdf.

Free Download Manager This little program manages all your downloads in a batch or individually. The program monitors browser activity taking over when you click to download anything from the internet, software, documents, videos, and MP3s. The program is user friendly, easy to find your way around, nearly self explanatory. You can see what you have downloaded, where the program is in the download process, stop, start and pause the download. If you change your mind cancel it and start over. Flash video downloads are easy, schedule when you want to download software, videos, or other information.

Free Software Download Site

UBER Downloads boasts being the #1 free software download site. The software available includes business programs, games, audio, video, education, and developmental with other categories. Explorethis site to find what you may use in your own life adventure.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out today. If you have a software program or free site you would like to feature, please contact me. I will be happy to review and share. A link exchange is always welcome.

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13 09 10

It would seem we live in a disposable society these days. Everything is disposable, paper plates, magazines, books, pots and pans, aluminum cans, and the list grows. It would be interesting to take a journey through the dumps and perform an archeological dig. What has been thrown away through the last 100 years? I do believe we will find that over the last century the amount disposed of has increased. When it breaks throw it away, if it does not fit, has a tear or stain, needs repair, looks old and dirty, just toss it.

Most of the items we toss are toxic to the environment. Who cares? I am not sure really. Remember your mother telling you to eat your greens and liver because there were starving children in other countries who would love to have what we have? My brother once told my mom to send it to them because he was not eating it. I thought she was going to knock his head off. Yes, mom was a hitter. He ate it begrudgingly. Have we really stopped caring after years of this sort of story telling? Or do we just find it easier to live unconsciously, let someone else do the work, and ignore the effects it has on us?

All it takes is one person to start a riot or book burning. One person can control the destiny of thousands. Think about our history, the world’s history. One person has instigated wars, destruction, criminal acts, serial killings, so much more. Yet I hear this phrase: “I am only one person. What can I do?” Well? What can you do?

The next time you walk down the street, notice trash on the sidewalk, why not pick it up? Especially when there is a trash receptacle handy? Might be a bit over flowing, but squash it down and add the trash you just picked up. Takes less than a minute and who knows? Like the commercials where on person sees another do a kind thing, he/she does a kind thing, it goes around in a circle.

Stop disposing, there are so many items in your home that can help you earn cash back. Will serve a purpose somewhere else. Remember this: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Think about what you can do as one person to begin creating a change.

Stop with the excuses. “Takes too much time, don’t have it. Who is going to pay attention anyway? How can I facilitate change in my neighborhood, no one will listen?” The list is never ending, I have heard so many, have tried a few out for myself as well. Funny those who use them most would never dream of letting me get away with using them.

What is the one thing you can do today to effect the change you wish to see in your country? In your neighborhood? In your home?

Before you buy ask if it can be recycled, reused, re-purposed? Will it give you cash back later on down the road? The more you demand through purchasing the products that will serve for years to come and then some for someone else, the more companies will listen and begin finding ways to manufacture products accordingly.

The next article will include a list of the organizations which provide products with little to no impact on the planet. Thank you and be the one to effect a change.

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