31 01 09

The recent wave of layoffs has caused a huge jump in opportunities on the web to work from your home. Sorting them out is a tedious task and one I have diligently undertaken. I work from my home office as a virtual assistant and spiritual guide. I love both of my vocations, thought the latter is much more fulfilling, I get to help people change their lives.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the topic of working from home, the first thing I have to tell you is do not pay anyone to get you work. I repeat in capital letters in case you missed it:


That is unless you want to (excuse this) piss your money away. That is your choice, I am telling you that it is not necessary and if you are like me that few dollars can feed you at least another day or two until work does come in. Hence my research and the following list of places to go find work and I am not making a dime out of the links I am placing in here, because membership is not required.

(WARNING: check on the organizations you apply to, ask for their information before submitting too much personal information, since some of these are rip off scams and will cause you pain. I will be including a place to research next.)

Employed OnLine

This lists numerous jobs available for anyone seeking to work at home without creating a login/profile. Be warned, I repeat this because unscrupulous people exist, research, ask questions. And do not send personal information or money.

Simply Hired A job search board as the last one, warning stands. You can opt to create a profile here, save the jobs you search and as before, it bears repeating a million times, do your research and ask for company information.

Freelance Job Openings Same warnings and information.

Jobs.net This is a job board for the entire country, contains listing of brick n mortar offices and other jobs.

The ones I have profiles at, offer upgrades for a monthly fee, the choice is still yours. However, I am not buying my work.

This is an all in one site, with insurance, community, gigs, and other member benefits.

For now that should get you busy, more to come later.

I am working on a directory for the different venues available, so if you have one in particular that you would like featured, send me the link. Do not post it in comments because it will go to spam. See my contact information on the contact me page.

Thank you and good hunting.

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5 01 09

Yes, it is a happy new year for me. Making it that way is not that difficult really, have to keep the attitude, Let Go!, and go with the flow. After all it is a personal choice.

Now that the holidays are over there are a few things that I will be adding and this is going to grow. This is a place to learn how to work from home, find the resources and yes, well reviewed and tested opportunities to earn and learn.

Pages are being built with terrific content and a world of opportunities have been piling up waiting for me to share with the world. So stay tuned and keep this book marked.

Thank you for your visit.

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20 11 08

How many books, articles, newsletters and informational pieces does it take to create a successful business? to create a successful affiliate marketer? To create a successful ????

None, not really. You can read everything that comes your way, overload on information and get no where fast. Spending money on the latest, hottest book means nothing if you just read it and let it collect dust. How many dust collectors do you need?

My library is relatively small right now. So is the list of people I will pay for their information, or link to their blogs. Becoming a discerning, educated consumer takes some work, you do need to read a few books to get the feel for what it is you need to help create the path that fits.

Today I want to share one of those resources with you. Recently I decided to go through and do some spring cleaning of my book marks. One of those tasks that have kept getting put off because it was not important, but it really is since I decided to get more involved in my online life. The first step is reviewing some of the programs that I signed up with to be an affiliate.

One of the programs is the tall banner on the side of this page, just scroll down. I decided rather than signing up for some of the pages that give you an opportunity to become a member and save shopping from their merchants, that I could do my own and earn as well as save. buy cheap propecia You can too, plus earn from those who join you. So I am inviting you to join me in pursuing a better income to create a greater life. Set up a free membership at the LinkShare Network. Then add the links to your website and sign up affiliates, represent your favorite stores, products and more.

Want something to read? Need more marketing tools? Or just want information? This one is free, no obligations and she has been around for a very long time. Her name is Tinu Abayomi-Paul, I have received her newsletters and read her blog for several years now. Sometimes I can use the information and other times it inspires me to other measures. She always has a give away, leads to other programs with some great order viagra cheap online stuff and it is never ending. So go check her out.

I will catch back up later.

Thank can you buy clomid without a prescription weight loss acomplia you for reading.

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18 07 08

Are you tired of searching for work at home employment?  Tired of being disappointed?  Ready to believe the worst about anyone who claims they have the answer or the best source

Cannot say as I blame you.  Do not keep searching, that is what I get paid the big dollars for.  chuckling….

Here is another source for ideas, training and more information, these women offer free information and yes paid incentives to stick around and use them.  So what, we all have to make a living.  Get out there and make a name for youself!  Say it:  I am!

67 Freelance Niche Writing Markets You May Have Never Considered | Freelance Parent.

Back later with another resource, stay in touch.  Share your insights with me, if it is not blatant sales ads, I will be happy to share here.

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8 07 08

I started this blog all over again for the umpteenth time, rewriting, tossing out (delete key, yeah!), second guessing myself and forgetting what the primary purpose is here! To inform you the reader, and what if you do not like what I write, what if? Well, I forgot one thing very important, “What Ifs” will make you crazy!

The greatest inventors, writers and (you fill in the blank) never got anywhere with what ifs. They did and did until they got it right.

My question to you is this, are you really that interested in operating a business from home? Yes or No! That simple. No “Yeah buts,” or what other justifications you can come up with. For either answer. I swear as a society we are programed to explain every answer, motive and action to death. All that talk and no action. I am just as guilty, trust that. I will think a thing to death, then tell the world until they roll their eyes at me and turn a deaf ear. “I’m gonna!” When? Never!

Well, that is until today. So, who is with me so far? Anyone here, “Can you here me NOW!” 🙂

What is the first step to beginning a business from home? Brainstorm, free style write all your wants! You heard me, don’t roll your eyes and moan. Just Do It! When you finish that, go back and ask how important each item is, then number them accordingly. Pick the top 10 reasons why you want to work from home, that is the purpose here.

Next step, freestyle write your list of interests, what is in your heart of hearts to do. If you could make millions from this, what would it be? Out of this list pick the top five, then narrow it down to one. This is your first research project. How many others are doing this same thing? Who is in the top ten of the search engine lists? Look at each site, get to know your competition. Is there something they are missing that you can do or can you offer more than they are? Learn! Keep a file on each one of your top five million dollar ideas! Pick one to start with, once that is up and running, then go to the next and so on and so forth.

Every thing I have read collected dust, do not do what I did and let fear stand in your way. You can what if yourself to the streets. Poor, tired and well, you know the rest! I understand the difficulty in getting motivated, searching for something, or someone that will be in your corner. There are thousands out there that will work with you, guide you and coach you. I do not know about you, but I cannot go it alone. The one thing they all tell you is to find the one thing you really enjoy doing, not want to do, but really enjoy doing. Mine? Coaching, living, educating, creating and reading. These are my top five, they all led me to write, so here I am.

Enough about me, how about you? Feel free to send me an email in regards to you personally, let me know if there is some way I may be of help in figuring out your list? Getting the resources to get started is easy, the first thing before you spend a dime is to know where you are going. My host offers a business opportunity, terrific pricing and free scripts, excellent staff to help and train you. To find out what the latest offer is go here! This is where I began! Tried a couple different website businesses and look at me now! 🙂 These are the best of the best, at least to me.

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