SEO for Blogs

My blog has grown, but very slowly. Learning search engine optimization for website development is one skill, while SEO for blogs is another. As a freelance writer I have developed a few ideas and skills regarding article writing to aid

NO MORE Spammers

I have added a couple of plug ins to my blog to stop the tedious work of checking spam messages and users against the real deal. How do I know the difference? Spammers comments are jibberish for the most part.

Jobs at Digg

Are you interested in expanding your portfolio? Are you a technological wiz? Digg has a few job openings for you. If you are savvy with developing Android applications then head over to Digg and sign up for an interview. Android

Freelance Writing Jobs

This website is filled with daily tips and writing jobs. The directory has thousands of magazines, ezines, and other sources that will purchase your articles. To learn more please take the time to visit the site. I subscribe to the