Blog SPAM: Identifying, Cleaning, and Blocking

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I am a follower of Lynn Serafinn, one of a very few marketers I take time out to follow and read blog posts. She is always informative and instructional. Someone to aspire to imitate.

I have commented about spammers, spam comments and spam followers. I have included plugins to help alleviate the tedious task of reviewing comments and new members.

Rather than rewrite the educational information for you, my wonderful readers, I have decided to share a link to Lynn’s blog post here. The following link opens in a new tab or window depending on how you have set up your browser.

This topic of Spammers is multi part.

Invasion of the Blog Snatchers

I appreciate the work of those who I feel are excellent mentors in their fields. I am an avid reader, listener, teacher, and guide.

Thank you for sharing your comments and getting involved in the discussion. I believe marketing should be ethical.