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Developing a viable income from home can be tricky and time consuming, not to mention frustrating. There are so many get rich quick schemes, hyped up products, and a variety of sales pitches to weed through. There does not seem to be a sure fire rule to determine the best program for you. You can ask a thousand people and get a thousand different opinions.

Finding the right affiliate network is a personal choice. A few questions you may wish to consider are:

  • What am I interested in pursuing?
  • What products will I feel comfortable marketing?
  • How do I wish to market the products I select?
  • Which niche is right for me?

The above questions are only some ideas of what to consider when designing your affiliate marketing plan. If you have ever seen some of these sites that look like a legitimate health care network or news paper style site, then you have a good idea of one way to market specific products. Coupon websites are another idea to developing an affiliate income.

The bottom line is to be creative. Do not mimic another, if you do add your own twist. Stand out from the crowd. Yet pick products that will sell. Learn how to market, research keywords, phrases, and check out the competition. What do they do that you can repeat?

Here are a few affiliate programs to get you started:

There a hundreds if not thousands of other affiliate programs you can join. The ones I have listed allow you to refer other affiliates and build a “down-line” team. These are the programs I have found the easiest to work with, as well as the products that I like.

Do you have a favorite affiliate program you would like to share? Send me an email with the details, I will be happy to include it. Or send me a blog post about the program, I will feature it.

Affiliate programs are only one way to earn an income from home. When you find something you like, remember to read the small print, ask questions, and be sure it is a legitimate program with legitimate products. Developing an income from home takes time, patience, and testing. Learn through research, reading and giving it a try yourself. Persistence and consistency are both key to success.

Wishing you the best in your working from home endeavor.