Blogging Issues

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Recently I made several changes to my blogs. If you read the previous posts you know I was hacked. Oh, joy….

I added Captcha for WP, which means that before anyone can post a comment or register the phrase from Captcha needs to be entered. Let me tell you it is frustrating. I recently created security changes to my computer which meant that I lost my password file, so I had to do a new password and use the Captcha. But, it worked.

Another addition is the WordPress Firewall. This has saved me from a few hacks. An email is sent each time there is an attempt to make changes to directories or blog posts, hacking the sign in, etc. I can review them, then note the change time and date. There is an option to accept the change and record the ISP or deny it by ignoring it.

I have reinstated a few of the other plug ins, one at a time and found that with the Firewall I am now secure. Well, until the hacker figures it out, then back to the drawing board.

To install these plugins to your WP blog go to the “Plugins” on the side bar, click “Add New,” type in the search term and then click install next to the plugin. No downloading and uploading. Easy Peasy. 🙂

I found it funny really that all that hacking and inputting of links through out my blog was to no avail.

I tried a couple of the links and the result is a 404 error page, the page does not exist type of message. So why go to the trouble when the links do not go anywhere? Was it the sport, to prove it can be hacked?

The troubling ISP’s originated from search engines, not local. Two of them that I could derive. My host tracks all visitors, I can review the log entries and trace ISPs. This helped me to determine the issuing ISP. Working with my host company the ISP addresses were blocked. They also increased their security, made some other changes and protected a large number or WP bloggers.

Having a team to work with is a life saver. I am taught what I need to know and so far everyone who’s plug ins I use regularly have been very helpful.

These are only a few of the changes. As I work out the details and learn more I will keep you updated.

Thank you and have a terrific day.