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Office Wife’s business services directory contains a list of services, products, and miscellany that you as a business owner or individual will find helpful and valuable. Many of the products and services listed here I use to help me manage my businesses and my clients’ businesses. I do not recommend a product unless I have used or researched it.

If you have a product or service you would like to feature here, you can either pay a small monthly fee to advertise or provide a reciprocal link to this page on your website.  Let’s discuss.

Disclaimer of Affiliate Links: The majority of businesses featured in this directory,  OW may have an affiliate relationship with. All sales help to maintain the OW blog, providing valuable information and services to the business owner.  Others are friends and fellow business owners who are willing to share their services here.


This is one of my favorite shops for books:  Cherished books, music you love, & favorite films all make great gifts from the heart! Give gifts that matter and get great deals when you buy books, music, movies or video games at Alibris. 

Alibris used and new books.  Shop for text books, music, and videos.

Welcome to the Scentsy Family of warmers and diffusers. You have seen plug in fragrance warmers, oil distribution, and essential oil diffusers. After research and educating myself on the differences between those you buy at the stores and Scentsy, I discovered the difference.

You cannot earn residual income from those in department stores. The ingredients are not healthy or created for sensitive individuals. The individuals I have gifted say they are ideal, no issues with allergies or overwhelmed with scent.

Host a party, meet new friends, join the Scentsy family and discover the differences for yourself. You will join my friend’s team when you choose to become an independent consultant. The compensation plan is balanced.


This section offers several different types of services for businesses, independent contractors, freelancers, individuals and home based businesses. OW has researched and is personally connected to many of these resources. If you encounter a problem, please let me know. All are third party and OW is not responsible for their content.

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Developing relationships begins with being genuine. Showing interest in someone else. It is not about selling them on your product or services.

Social media marketing has taken relationships to a new level. it is far too easy to send friendship requests and immediately market to that person who accepts. Causing discontent and putting a bad spin on your business and yourself.

It is one thing to share information with another human being. That is why websites and social media pages are your best tool to share information, educate and share the best life has to bring.

Getting to know someone is a rare and terrific way to create long term relationships. Creating the village that supports it’s members.

Here is one tool I use, sending Post Cards, customized cards and gifts to those I care about, new friends and as an introduction for my businesses.

Promptings offers several income streams when you become an affiliate. You can join here. Tell her Connie sent you.

Identity IQ offers several programs to monitor you identity.  Register you credit cards, driver's license, medical ID, and more to keep a watch for the Dark Web activity.
Join me in protecting the most precious of life, your identity. Get notified and receive insights, solutions.
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Website Hosting Ideas

WordPress is a great tool to keep your audience updated, share and sell. Options include hosting your own WordPress site with a hosting provider, like mine Mocha Host or a free site at

Domain Name Registration will allow you to provide your own domain address rather than the WordPress url. Domain name registration is inexpensive depending on who you register with and which dot domain you choose. Web hosting companies like the one I am using offer both domain hosting and domain name registration. The one I use I vetted, then not only am I hosting my site here, but I became an affiliate.

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