Comment on Commenting

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I am grateful for Akismet because the comments that I do not find beneficial get caught before they can be posted. Then I can peruse them and decide if they are beneficial to you my readers. Hence this note.

There are more spam comments than beneficial comments. What I mean by spam are blatant advertising, pushing a website that has nothing to do with my blog or gibberish a mix of alpha, numerical and symbols. The latter I do not understand because the links are nonsense and go nowhere. The advertisements do not get published because they have nothing to do with the blog content I publish either.

Comment etiquette states that you should make comments that are relevant to the post, your signature and links get published with your comment so there is no reason to force an advertisement. Not only that but you breed contempt among the bloggers where you force your ads. I know I am not alone when I state this and tell you that if it is a blatant advertisement it will not get published.

I prefer that your comment ads to what I write, informs my readers and inspires them to make further comments. I write to inspire discussions, gain outside information and reviews. Even when I am writing about my latest discovery.

When I visit your site or blog you will find that I am more than willing to make my comments substantive rather than “Great blog!” We know our blogs are great, I am speaking for bloggers everywhere, that is why we have them. Well, that and to keep you the reader informed, entertained and inspired.

Please, know I appreciate your advertising efforts and look in the side links under training and you will find several resources that can help you learn to market your sites. Also, my contact page is filling up with other sites where I have great success in marketing and gaining input from others.

Great success today, many blessings. And Thank you very much for taking the time to visit.