Contact Connie

Contact Connie

When contacting me include the subject of Office Wife Services or more information to keep you from going to the spam folder. I return all messages within 24 hours.

Skype: office.wife

Email: paitheladee at officewife Dot biz (replace the word ‘at’ with the symbol @ and the word ‘dot’ with the period.) Be sure to put in the subject line a reference to my services. Please respond to the verification email you will receive from BoxTrapper, it is a SPAM blocker.

Telephone: 619-438-0765  Text or leave a voice mail.

I do not answer unless I am in the office and available, so please be sure to leave a message for me, with the best time to call you back. I will do what I can to meet that time. If you are not available I will leave a message.