Virtual Assistant offering services to the small and home based business.
Virtual Assistant offering services to the small and home based business.

Contact Connie

Contact Connie

Ways to Contact Connie

This page offers a few of the primary ways to contact Connie, your Office Wife.

When sending an email please use the subject of Office Wife Services to keep you from going to the spam folder.  All messages are returned within 24 hours, where possible. I check my email every morning and voice messages through out the day.  Except weekends.

My work week:

Monday to Friday 8 a.m to 5 p.m.  

Use this link to set a consultation appointment.

We can chat on FaceBook Messenger.

Reach out on Telegram, Signal (use my number) Download Signal here. It is a more secure communication channel.  

Email: paitheladee at officewife Dot biz (replace the word ‘at’ with the symbol @ and the word ‘dot’ with the period.) Be sure to put in the subject line a reference to my services. Please respond to the verification email you will receive from Box Trapper, it is a SPAM blocker.

Telephone: 619-729-6484  Text is best, or leave a voice mail.  Be sure to introduce yourself and let me know the purpose of you reaching out. I get a lot of spam.  Calls are returned within a 24 hour period unless it is the weekend, then Monday is my return call day.  Thank you for your understanding.

I do not answer unless I am in the office and available, so please be sure to leave a message for me, with the best time to call you back. I will do what I can to meet that time. If you are not available I will leave a message.

You may reach out to me on one of the social media channels. 

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