Cyber Attacks are on the rise

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Listen to the news, you will hear more about cyber attacks than years past. Major department stores losing customer information, the HeartBleed issue, websites being hijacked, and much more.

One thing you may have considered safe was your banking information. However, there are ways for hackers to steel your personal information, including your bank account log in credentials. There is no such thing as security any more.

Here is an article that expounds on the cyber attacks via the Russians. Specifically WordPress Blogs.

One general rule of thumb is to change your passwords frequently and always encrypt them. Use a password generator and mix in characters, alpha: caps and non, and numbers. Then make a note somewhere so you have access to it at all times. Use a different password for each account. I know a pain in the ….. But, it is a matter of security and no one is exempt, no one.

On ward and up ward.