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Fianancial Calculators are a great way to help with setting financial goals

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What are financial calculators?

Financial calculators are great tools that can assist in determining goals. Used to determine monthly mortgage payments, loan and debt payoffs. A calculator is a useful tool when determining your monthly income needs in your job search.

Insurance, real estate and mortgage companies offer them on their websites. They provide potential customers a way to determine the financial need before beginning an application.

I am always in search of resources, tools, ways and means to provide a smoother, easier way to create the life I seek. I share these tools with everyone and anyone who will listen. I offer you one of those such tools here, so continue to read if you please.

Financial Planning Simplified

Solutions and tools work if we have the patience to learn how to use them. One of the greater challenges is to have patience and allow them to work. Time is a gift we all have. Using that time wisely is the greatest gift we can provide ourselves.

You could use an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet, taking the time to ensure all your variables are included. Or you could just use a calculator designed to include those variables You could find the websites that provide the calculators for various options. I prefer this new resource provided. One site all the calculators I can use.

Pigly offers a home loan calculator with variables to consider before you get a home loan.

One such website is Pigly, offering various calculators and tools. I used the mortgage and the retirement calculator. The mortgage calculator simplified and included variables I had not considered. For instance:

  • Home loan, examples include
    • Down Payment
    • Closing costs
    • Taxes
    • Insurance
    • Other expenses

The mortgage calculator provides you an estimated monthly cost for your dream home. Want to refinance, there is a calculator for that also. Would you like to consider your options for renting vs buying? Rather than do the math yourself, use the calculator.

Follow the Straight Line

I learned as a child to follow a straight line. What I mean by that is to travel from point A to point B in a singular path, not zig zagging. Travel the straight line. This is easy to do when all your required resources are in one place or within a straight line from each other.

By visiting Pigly, all my financial calculations are in one place. The calculators provide a way to explore many factors and providing options. Each calculator is accompanied by informative articles. You can discover more about Pigly here.

Visit Pigly to discover your financial calculator and learn how to determine your goals.

The calculators provided on Pigly include:

  • Mortgage Discusses considering all your options, planning, and calculating your financial goals and needs.
  • Loans Discover how much you need to plan on spending to repay the loan
  • Vehicle Considering purchasing a truck or a car? Use this calculator to explore your options.
  • Debt
  • Retirement
  • Savings
  • CD
  • Education
  • Credit Cards

Each calculator offers a variety of options. These are the most inclusive calculators I have come across to date. The mortgage calculator offered me options I had not considered in purchasing a home.

Other Resources for Financial Calculators

I went in search of another resource as inclusive as this. I did find a few other websites offering similar and even more calculators for your use.

Each one I checked would have sent me to someone seeking to market to me. I would have been inundated with emails offering to sell me their services. Each of those sites were linked to a company that would pay them for the referrals. I do not know it, it is a great way to earn a side income, however, I am not one that likes to be marketed to when all I want is to do the math. That is always my first step.

Here are a few I found:


There are other financial calculators, but if I cannot verify the origination, ownership and know that I am spam free, I won’t use them. That is why they are not linked, if you wish to visit these sites remember they are third party and I am not responsible for your visit to them.

I did my homework on Pigly, they were transparent in ownership and origination. I feel I can trust them and recommend them. But, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. I always recommend doing your own homework, be a critical thinker.

Game Time: try their Piggy Bank Adventure, it is a 24-level journey.

When you are ready to begin a plan to follow your financial goals, contact me here.