Earning a living in tough economic times.

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Is it really tough economic times or is it an illusion? The votes seem to lean towards the being tough. Yet, questions continue to chase me around. The unspoken gist is that there is not enough money, resources, or time. Not enough? By what measure? And who’s measure?

The ones most guilty of singing the blues to the tune of being broke spend money on frivolity. Yes, you read it right, frivolity. Lets take a look at a household budget of today… This is not statistical, based more upon the many I share this journey with.

Rent or mortgage (necessary)
Gas/Electric/Propane (necessity)
Telephone (necessity, however, there is a caveat to this, more in a bit.)
Insurance: House or Renters (?), car, health, life, or???? (necessity)
Internet (school and work)
Auto expenses
Cell phone: data plan, photo sharing, Internet access, and all the glitz and glamor that can go with it.
Cable or Satellite Television (HD, recording capabilities, etc.)

Don’t forget food. Or do you justify spending on fast food? Alcohol, cigarettes, and other such daily habits are included in this list.

I am sure there are other monthly expenses that could get listed here, these are just the basics. Other expenses could be entertainment, dining out, playing golf, the magazines, books, and other clubs you could belong to. There is a billion different ways, just off the top of my head, to spend money.

What is necessary or a luxury item? For the now generation everything on this list plus the designer clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, and personal care are necessary. Why? Because it is what parents who did not have all that decided to give their children. And there are those parents who did have it all and no way are their children going without.

So, I ask you again what is tough economic times? There are people who do not have one single item on this list. Relying on the agencies that are straining to ensure food, clothing, and education to those who live on the streets in their town.

How do you spend your money? Is it prioritized? Are your bills listed in priority? How do you decide on the priority?

I am a spiritualist, writer, office assistant, minister (ULC), teacher, mentor, guide, counselor, coach, and mother, aunt, grandmother, and great grandmother. Young crone, sponsor, and friend. So many titles, so many tasks to a day. Yet I live each one as freely as I know how. I offer my services to everyone, anyone, business owner and private individual.

Priority begins with your personal decision. I will pose the question once more: Is this a tough economic time for you? Do you talk to others about the state of affairs, expressing how it affects you? Or do you rant about others?

Off topic for a business blog? Not at all. Consider how the environment you create for you affects your daily life. How it invites itself into your private thoughts, stalling productivity and in some cases providing pain as a way to remove yourself.

I understand. When work seems overwhelming, you can delegate. I am available to write your copy, answer emails with the information you provide. Put my 23 years of experiences to work for you. Contact me today.

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