Reward Systems That You Can Build With Your Employees

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customizable trading pins to reward employees
Reward employees for a job well done
It’s about 3:00 PM and you look around in your office and everyone just has a “burnt out” look, and production starts going down. It’s perfectly normal to see the office dragging a bit during certain hours of the day or later in the week. That’s why so many companies do incentives or have commission based programs to keep their employees working hard all day every day.

Many companies have monthly goals for their employees to work towards with some kind of incentive like extra money or a gift card to a place. Or sometimes an office competition is the right amount of office motivation to get your employees working hard. You need to be careful though to make the incentive worthwhile to make your employees excited about it. No one wants to work hard for something cheesy.

Throughout this article you will get some ideas of what to do to help your employees have fun and work harder in the office.

Candy Bars

This is a very simple and inexpensive incentive that you can offer your employees. You obviously want to make this something for a afternoons worth of work or something simple like that. Odds are if you use a candy bar to try and encourage people for a months’ worth of work it’s not going to get the results you’re looking for. However, this is a perfect little thing to give your employees during a afternoon competition. You could also use soda or something else like that, just swing by a gas station during your lunch break and grab something for your office.

Gift Cards

This is a great goal that you can set for your entire office for a monthly incentive. If you have an office that thrives off of numbers or new clients you can set goals for individual employees. For example let your employees know that if they get 100 new clients then you will give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant good for a dinner of two. Its not much but it is something that will get your employees to work harder. Plus incentives like this gain steam in the office when people talk around the water cooler. Your employees will want to work harder because they are not going to be out done by their coworkers or seem less valuable to the boss. .

Business Apparel

This could be a way to promote company loyalty and make people. If you offer to get some people some company jackets, shirts or some customizable trading pins then your employees can get some company gear they will wear outside of the office and then that turns into free advertising and could even get you a couple new customers.


Who doesn’t love a little bit of cash? This one is about as simple as it gets and can be what most people in the office wants. That is the reason why they are working in the first place. You can offer to stick and extra 200 dollars in their paycheck if they reach their goals. You want to make sure that it is enough to encourage your employees to work harder to make sure they are getting their numbers and an extra handful of cash.

Make sure you talk to all your employees to get an idea of what each one wants and what would be the best possible ideas for your employees. If you listen to them then they will feel like you value their opinion and then you can build better relationships with your office and that in turn gets your office to work harder.

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