Training to Meet the Challenge in the Food Service Industry.

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The food service industry is changing rapidly.  The laws, regulations, always adding, changing, updating, and removing according to the economy and health concerns.

There are a few organizations working hard to change the way the food industry serves consumers.  From the organic and non-GMO to improving food handling practices.

The GS1 company is one a of a few working to change the face of food service to improve efficiency and safety.  You can read more about their Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative.

The NPD Group conducts research relevant to various industries to track and help provide the relevant information to understand the changes occurring within a given industry.  The food service industry is one of many research studies conducted.

A case can be made that even if you work in the food service industry, education is important.  The July coupon deals for obtaining a discount on your continuing education will expire soon.  Learn2Serve offers a variety of food service certifications to assist you in advancing in your career or preparing for a new career.  From serving to management and eventually owning your own restaurant, the competition is stiff.  You need the advantage certification and degrees can provide you.

July Coupon Deals:

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Hot Courses

$25 for Louisiana Alcohol Seller
$10.99 for Texas TABC Seller-Server Training
$10 for Texas Food Handler Certification
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$55 for Food Protection Manager Certification Exam
$106.25 for HACCP 16 Hours
$99 for Food Manager Training + ANSI-CFP Exam

Learn2Serve offers corporate training discounts for organizations that want to keep their employees up to date on the latest regulations and technology in the food service industry.

They offer TABC, HACCP food safety, harassment prevention, and BASSET Certification.  New courses are added regularly and they have expanded to several new states to offer the training relevant to that state.  Check out Learn2Serve now.

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