Home Business Ideas

Work from Home Opportunities

Home business ideas range from setting up your own business to affiliate marketing.  Listed on this page are a few of the businesses I am involved with and a few I felt were a great choice for here.  All of these are a great way to establish a side hustle to bring in extra income.  Or work full time and build teams.

Most of the opportunities listed, OW has an affiliate relationship.  There is a note at each opportunity disclosing the relationship.

Please note that each website does have its own rules about cookies, content, etc. Please read OW’s Terms & Conditions for further information.

What is a Home Based Business?

A home based business is any business opportunity that is set up and operated from your home.  Work from home business opportunities include multilevel marketing, affiliate programs, and similar structured opportunities..  As long as you have an office space in your home, this is your home business.

Work from Home Opportunities

Work from home opportunities include your own business, the phrase is interchangeable with home based and work at home businesses. Several terms relate to the same concept, working from a home office.  Even if it is your kitchen table.

Companies that offer customer service via phone or web service, and other similar jobs hire people to work at home. Some companies are seeking telecommuters, meaning you spend time in their office, but primarily work at home. You may be considered an employee or an independent contractor. As an independent contractor you pay all taxes.

Work from home includes businesses you set up for yourself and use a portion of your home as an office, a base of operations.  This can include, but is not limited to:  cleaning, administrative work, bookkeeping/accounting, writing, website development, marketing, social media management/marketing, and others.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer an income incentive for you to sell their products from your own web site, blog, or social media sites. Many name brand companies utilize affiliate marketing to reach a larger audience and increase revenue. Some are tier structured. You have a choice to bring in more affiliates or market the product alone. Building a team is always a better way to increase your income.

Questions? Contact me.

When you join one of the programs listed on this page you will be in my next tier or level. You can use the link above to let me know you are signed up. I will be happy to help you with finding your way.


Each business has been vetted and recommended with confidence. Continue to check back.  I will be adding more. 

Performance within the business structure is of course a personal responsibility.  Please be sure to read the terms of use for each business, examine the compensation plan and the marketing plans. 

Promptings Companies

Promptings offers six streams of income and training.  When you click the title link it will take you to the opportunity page.

Services include marketing, virtual assistant, gift shopping, and healthy products.  Ready for training, join Prompting U. This also includes the below company, Send Out Cards.  Join me now and build your team.  If you get stuck, reach out.

Send out Cards

This company offers a way to build your business.  Send greeting cards and gifts to your clients, friends, and family from the comfort of your home.  My clients love getting the cards and the gifts.  I love the ease of use.  The links are my affiliate links, when you join I will reach out to see if I can be of assistance.  You can join as an affiliate or a user.   Send your first card free.


Sampling of hostess gifts.

Scentsy offers one of the easier commission plans for earning an income. As you increase sales you climb ranks and so increase your commission possibilities. Also build a team under you to increase your earnings and bonuses.

NOTE: I am not an affiliate with this company, my friend is. You will be assisting in supporting her small home based business. Thank you.

Mocha Host

My choice for hosting my blogs and my clients’ blogs. They offer security, a range of software, security options, and optimization. The small investment has been a bonus for me. Unlimited plan allows me to add more websites, emails, and visitors.

Freelance Writers

Adding to the home business ideas includes writing.  You may wish to set yourself up as a copywriter, ghost writer, or journalist. Or join an organization that is established and have your articles published through them.

This list covers several companies seeking freelance writers. There is a company for every genre you can imagine. Many are seeking writers with a solid background in journalism, educational style writing, and a few do ask for degrees.

The application process is simple. You will need at least two samples of your writing style. A good bio outlining you as a professional, and any credentials you may have.

This list is growing.  I like to review and ensure integrity before adding here.

NOTE: Some of these programs I am an affiliate with, subsidizes my income. I can help you with subsidizing your income. Let’s Chat.


A paid per view compensation opportunity. Scores are provided per article and overall for the Hubber. The more engaging your article the better ranking. Interaction, layout, content, and writing skills do count for a great deal here. Accolades are provided for each Hubber. You get to decide the topics and match them to specific Hubs. To set up a profile and get started today this is my profile link: click here.

NOTE: I am not an affiliate with HubPages, however I do write for them on occasion.

Writers Work

This program will provide you a lifetime of training, earnings, and support in your writing career. A low lifetime cost of one payment. Payment varies with the assignment. Create an online portfolio. Polish your writing skills. Get started today by using my affiliate link.

Side Hustle Business Ideas

You may not want to join a company, or any organization marketing someone else’s products or services. Perhaps you would rather market your own.

A few ideas are listed here:

  • Cleaning services: business and residential
    • Real estate, small offices, can use a reasonably priced cleaner
    • Seniors are always in need of additional assistance around the house
  • Dog Walker, Pet sitter
    • People working from home now full time could use someone to come walk their dog, mind their pets while they work.
  • Sewing, mending, ironing
    • Not as great a chore as it once was, but there are those who could benefit from someone offering to mend their favorite shirt, blouse, pants, shorts, etc.
    • Not everything is permanent press and many do not remain that way.
  • Yard Work, Gardening
    • Mowing the lawn, take a weed wacker and a mower. Be sure to watch out for sprinkler heads.
    • Prune trees, roses, etc.
  • Childcare is also a viable service, even these days.
    • Take the children to the park for an hour or two, give the stay at home parents a break. Fix lunch, have a picnic.
  • Virtual Assistant specializing in a niche service
  • Bookkeeper
    • Create a spreadsheet from a bank statement, categorize expenses and create a P&L
    • Assist in prepping for tax time

This is not an inclusive list of home business ideas. Hopefully it will spur you into being creative and make your own ideas a reality.

There are directories for you to list your services in to build your business presence. One popular one is Angi’s list. Review the categories listed and see if you fit.

Contact me and we can discuss how I can help you get set up.