Top 5 Time Management tools for Home Based Entrepreneurs

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Life is getting busier day by day and there are more and more tasks popping up for each person who is looking for a continuous progress. Charles Bruxton once said, ‘You will never “find” time for anything. If you want time, you must make it’.

To make the time for important things in life and especially Business, successful people and entrepreneurs use different tools to help them to manage their time effectively.

Here are some of the Tools that will help you in managing your time effectively and allow you to produce better results in shorter period.

1. Google Calendar

I love Google Calendar as it is FREE, customizable and easy to use. All you should have is a account and you can enjoy this great time management tool. You can set up your daily weekly schedule and it will send you an alert to remind you. The reason Google Calendar is different from others is because of its multi-level alert functionality, you can get alert through emails, SMS and even Desktop.

2. To-Do List

To-do List is easy to start and help you manage your most complex tasks in minutes. The most amazing feature is that you can take it away with you everywhere you want that means you can access, update and sync tasks from everywhere i.e smart phones, browsers, desktop and more.

3. Tickspot

Super easy to use software that helps you track your time and helps you hit your budget. This must be important software for home based entrepreneurs as this will tell you the real money of the time you spent on a project. There are few more software like that available in the market but what makes it different from others is the public API.

4. Rescue Time

What makes one think of time management tool is the question that ‘Am I spending my day the way I should?’ Rescue time is software that exactly answers this question. It works in the background and tells you how much time you spend on the internet and how. The best part that makes it stand out from the rest of the software is the chart level display of how much time one spends on which website.

5. Now do This

If you are new to the world of work from home business then this tool will help you improve your working cycle. This tool is easy to use and help you not to confuse.If all the above software and features get you more confused then you will find this tool is extremely opposite. With ‘Now-do this’ you get to do one task at a time.

These are few of the software that will help you improve your productivity and efficiency as a home based entrepreneur. Most of the tools mentioned above are free to use, so try to use each tool and see what works best for you.

Author Bio: David Marsha is a passionate guest author on various blogs, he loves to write on diversify topics. Some of his latest posts are Al Barsha and Abu Dhabi.