In this economy….

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I am so tired of hearing the economy blamed for unemployment, increased costs at stores and gas stations. The stressing about lack creates more lack. Seriously. You can point the finger at everyone one else, but your belief is your belief.

Critical thinkers do not take anything at face value. At least the honest ones do not. Sometimes it seems easier to follow than to lead. Making a difference begins with you. Not the other person.

Government is not going to change until the people change it. Signing petitions, creating petitions, sharing petitions, each has an impact. Sort of like creating the wave at a ball park. One person stands, tossing her hands up in the air in a wave motion and others follow. It is fun and causal.

Rather than sitting there complaining or getting irritated at reading this article, I suggest you go to the petition sites and start adding your name. If you do not like the way a government official is behaving, making rules for you to follow, tell him or her. Write a letter, mail it, send an email, make a call or send a fax. Then share this action with others. Create a wave.

Food, water, air, homes, vehicles, everything is affected and creates an effect on our environment. Stress of lack, begets lack, so does stress. It becomes a beast with its own mind and way of doing things.

Suffering is an option. Just as everything in life is an option. Yes, everything. Which option do you choose.

It sucks to be out of work, fear begins to ride your back. The economy is not a thing, creature, being, nor does it have a life until we give it one.

This economy is the way it is because each one of us has had a hand in it. Trenders state a thing, we believe it, cuz don’t ya know he is the expert. He would know.


How has the economy affected you? Me, none. I was financially secure before the effects of nay sayers began and I am still secure. Why? Because I do not rely on the government to think for me. Nor an employer.

Only you can decide how you feel and what you will do. Petition site is available.

No cost to be a member and you do not have to join to sign petitions.

There are more.

Work from home, telecommute, or commute. This is your choice as well. Have a talent that you were praised for, lost your job? Turn it into your own business.

Coaches, counseling, insight and assist are available.

There is a place for everyone and everyone has a place.

Take care, until next issue.