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I am currently working at developing my business directory filling it with offers and deals for the small and home based business person.

The next project is work from home and home based business opportunities.

Both pages are filled with the products and programs I trust the most. Each one I have been a client of and became an affiliate for. By communicating with the representatives, discussing issues, product information, etc., I can tell you that these companies are worth your while.

The representatives are there to help you become successful, use them. Each one has remained very patient, even when I have become a slight trial. I appreciate the candor and patience each has shown me. When I get off the phone or chat I feel respected and my problem has been resolved. Those who cannot answer my questions seek to find the answers. For these extra steps I remain loyal.

I know you will find the same respect and assistance I have with each one of these companies. After you join, contact me with a goal or ideas for new programs. I prefer to succeed with a team, makes the journey fun and exciting.

The pages are in the side bar, but here again:

Product Directory
Services, Products, and more. Having difficulty finding a product, Contact me. I will find what you are looking for, my research fees are usually a barter deal, but the hourly rate is $15.00. If I cannot you owe me nothing.

Work from Home and Home-Based Business Opportunities
This page has affiliate programs, home-based business (slow adding these yet), and work from/at home directory and programs. Each one is vetted and I have remained a faithful member of. Those I have vetted but have not joined will have a side note letting you know. Cannot join all of them. 🙂 Not enough time in the day.

That is if for today. More to come, you can subscribe RSS or join me at my social networks. Will be adding a newsletter very soon.

Creating a waiting list: email me with your interest.

Thank you.