Are you searching for legitimate work from home employment? The jobs are there if you know what to look for.

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Working from home is a dream for many. Every one who considers self-employment envisions luxury vacations, new cars with the latest gadgets, maybe even more family time. As many have advised: Don’t quite your day job, just yet.

There are as many legitimate work from home employment opportunities as there are scams. Several paid to work from home business have began encroaching on the unsuspecting person. You can either learn the hard way and waste that little bit of cash you have been saving, or read on.

  • Always read the fine print.
  • Always do your homework.
  • Test the water before you jump in.

There are sites offering freelancers a way to make a decent living. The trick is making yourself desirable, to stand out from the rest. This is homework you have to do. Read what others say about their skills, how they present themselves, and improve on it. Your writing skills are presented when you respond to work offers.

Here are the ones offering legitimate work, not opportunities, but hourly work. You will either become an employee of the company or a contractor. Independent contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes each year so find a good tax accountant to help you get all that you deserve.

BEWARE Watch out for jobs offering you high wages to deposit their checks into your checking account, or requesting you to open a checking account to help with transactions. Research mystery shopping offers also. If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. You are held responsible for checks that are not legitimate. Banks will charge you with fraud.

Careerinf According to the About Us page this is a directory of jobs offered to those who seek. Countries include South Africa, UK, United States, India, and Canada, to list a few. You do need to register and build your profile, it helps in applying for the job that interests you. As with all things, there are a few bad offers, so as stated before, do your homework.

Short Task About Us page explains that you can earn per task, as little as one cent to as much as fifty cents or more. Or you can add a task to be completed. Tasks take a few minutes to as much as 30 minutes to complete. The issue with this is you have to spend a lot of time earning even a nickel. But it is there for those who do not mind.

Freelancer offers you three ways to earn money. Become a freelance worker, refer friends, share with others. As a Freelancer member you are an affiliate. With the Freelancer affiliate links you can earn 90 percent from projects. Not bad for a short order referral.

Hound offers a job search that pulls up those unadvertised jobs. The site boasts 1,021,628 jobs direct from the employer sites. Register and start searching for the ideal job. There is a premium membership fee to access the advanced features.

Ubiqus is the place for technical writers, transcriptionists, interpreters, and other professional documenting of events and presentations. To join this group highlight your talents and schedule an interview. This is a career choice.

That should keep you busy for now. Check back often and do not forget to take a look at the new directory.

Want to share a terrific free work from home resource? Please feel free to send it to me. Include a short bio, why you think it is terrific and the link.