Virtual Assistant offering services to the small and home based business.
Virtual Assistant offering services to the small and home based business.

Work from Home

Welcome to the Business & Work from Home Opportunities page. Every business listed on this page offers you an opportunity to earn an income.  There are free to get started, with an option to upgrade and a couple that will cost you to join. Most of the opportunities listed, OW has an affiliate agreement with. You will be working directly with me, if you choose. A brief synopsis is offered with each link. Please note that each website does have its own rules about cookies, content, etc. Please read OW’s Terms & Conditions for further information.

Home Based Business: What is it?

A home based business is any business opportunity that is set up in your home, whether or not it is from your kitchen or coffee table. Work from home business opportunities include multilevel marketing, affiliate programs, and similar structure opportunities.

Work from Home Opportunities

Work from home opportunities include working your own business from your home. Companies that offer customer service via phone or web service, and other similar jobs hire people to work at home. Some companies are seeking telecommuters, meaning you spend time in their office, but primarily work at home. You may be considered an employee or an independent contractor. As an independent contractor you pay all taxes.

Affiliate Programs Defined

Affiliate programs offer an income incentive for you to sell their products either from your own web site, blog, or social media sites. Many name brand companies utilize affiliate marketing to reach a larger audience and increase revenue. Some are structured like multi-level marketing. You have a choice to bring in more affiliates or market the product alone.

Questions? Contact me.

When you join one of the programs listed on this page you will be in my next tier or level. You can use the link above to let me know you are signed up. I will be happy to help you with finding your way.

Work from Home Programs

Each program has been vetted and recommended with confidence. Performance within the program structure is of course a personal responsibility.


Changing the Future Outcome

CTFO, CBD Hemp Oil


This company offers a wide range of products. My personal favorite is the Full Spectrum Oil.  From CBD Hemp oil to ingest to skin care and pet care products.  It costs you nothing to begin, as you grow so does your income. Free to Join.  Here is where you can learn more.

Watkins Products available, shop on line.  Earn a residual income as an associate of Watkins home based business.
Shop Watkins Products and join us as a representative.

Petco Affiliate Program

(OW is not an affiliate with this program)

PetCo offers an affiliate program with earnings per sale referred by you. However, you need to be a member of Commission Junction. They have some very strict policies, so read them carefully before you join. To begin here is the link to PetCo’s Affiliate Page. 

Writers Wanted

This list covers several companies seeking freelance writers. There is a company for every genre you can imagine. Many are seeking writers with a solid background in journalism, educational style writing, and a few do ask for degrees. The application process is simple. You will need at least two samples of your writing style. A good bio outlining you as a professional, and any credentials you may have. NOTE: There is no tier or affiliate links listed here.


A paid per view compensation opportunity. Scores are provided per article and overall for the Hubber. The more engaging your article the better ranking. Interaction, layout, content, and writing skills do count for a great deal here. Accolades are provided for each Hubber. You get to decide the topics and match them to specific Hubs. To set up a profile and get started today this is my profile link: click here.


Currently I am searching out better products and business programs to list here. If you have one you think will be of interest. Please contact me with the website information. Advertising is available and link exchanges are always welcome.

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