Phone Service Alternative for Small Business Owners

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Phone service can be one expense small businesses should not have to endure. Land line phone services offered to small businesses are expensive. A newer solution is VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. You get all the bells and whistles, same services as a land line company for 25 to 50{04e39f6ffdf8be9b896c03abc6059c9e26fe004b726500641c0dcf891fbd3902} the cost, in some cases even less.

Before selecting a VoIP service provider there are a few considerations.

1. VoIP requires cable or broadband internet connections. Dial up and satellite are too slow. Even with the higher speeds of broadband satellite you will use your monthly quota fast.

2. Not all VoIP phone companies are created equal. Read the small print.

3. Equipment is an important consideration. Will their equipment work well with your modem or router? Do you have to purchase special equipment?

4. Pricing is another consideration. I usually make it number one, but these days there is a great deal of competition for your business. Find the price that works well for you.

When deciding on aligning myself with companies to provide referrals and special offers to my readers I follow the same guidelines. Read, check them out and define the small print.

One company has made it to number 30 in the INC 500 as the fastest growing private company in America. PhonePower Communications.

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