Heres a Question I hope to find an Answer to.

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When my blog was hacked, both of them, I went in search of security. I found it. WordPress Firewall 2, thank you Matthew Pavkov, I continue to donate to the cause when I can.

The firewall blocks all types of attacks. There are those who search for weaknesses in your WordPress blog. Matthew has a full page dedicated to what and how these exploits work.

Since I added the firewall I have received at least 20 notifications, I know more, of attacks to my blog. Funny only this blog, not my other one, yet. There is always a yet.

I check the IP locater to see if it is someone I know, the type of attack in case it was me making changes that triggerd the firewall. So far no, nada, not, me who has triggered the notifications. The IP’s track to Russia, China, and the USA.

I recently added another plugin so I can set up my books to sell. The next day and since I have received a half dozen notifications. Most track to Russia. Today’s tracked to the USA, looked at Whois and found the company name. The attack is a SQL attack on the plug in. The company it turns out is a branding company. Their motto is “Protecting Brands…. ”

Protection? Of Brands? By???

I sent an email to the admin of the business. Will wait to hear back.

Can you explain to me how an IP address can be hijacked? I am still working to understand the process. It can be exploited by hijackers, ghosted and used to send malicious content. Because of this I will have to block the IP addresses so they cannot contact my site again.

So far there have been none that I would be concerned about since they are corporations that probably would not show an interest in my little biz. 🙂

Do these hackers have nothing else better to do? I mean, think about it, how much more could be made working to stop people like them. Or is that what they are doing? Working to find weaknesses and then building the software to stop it? Just a twisted process in my thinking today.

If you have an answer, I would love to hear it. I am always seeking to understand and make my sites safe for visitors.

Thank you and enjoy your day.