Report SPAM: Did you receive a job invite?

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Good morning,  reading my emails, always checking my SPAM folder to ensure legitimate emails do not end up in there.  I came across this, took a peak and decided this needs to be published:

SPAM Email Job Offer

“E.S. Co. has an open vacancy for Logistics Manager in your area. The Logistics Manager position is remote, so you will be working from home. Thus you will have an opportunity to work with a flexible work schedule per your convenience. Shall you take the position, you will be trained on the company. The possibility to get promoted is guaranteed to all company’s employees.
Payment rate: the first trail month goes with the salary 2550$ to be paid at the end of the month, after the completion of the probationary period the salary will be rigid $3,250/month – the sum total to be divided into 2 biweekly payments.
Additional incentives: after the probationary period you will also receive extra weekly bonuses per package based on your performance.
Key duties are: to access the Control Panel with tasks every day online; to receive, examine packages in order to ensure quality control, and ship them out with prepaid shipping labels; to cooperate with a senior supervisor and your colleagues online; keep record of incoming and outgoing packages online; to submit daily reports to the Logistics Department.
Perks and benefits kick in after the trail period of 31 days: full insurance on the company, 28 days of paid vacation a year. Personal days off are generally procured according to the company’s policy.
For the purpose of obtaining more details regarding the position, please reply with the following information:

– Name:

– Your Cell Number:

The applications with phone numbers are given priority.

We appreciate your prompt response, and wish you to have a great day!


Aline Harris

E.S. Co.”

Do Not Take That Job

There are so many problems with this email. It is not a legitimate offer. It asks you to practice illegal activities that when it comes time to answer for you will be held legally responsible. And there is no way to shift that to anyone else.

Research companies before you send your personal information. Ask questions of similar types of job offers. Do not be afraid of asking. Be safe, not sorry. Do not be desperate for work. Yes, money is needed and times seem desperate, but taking a job that sounds too good to be true generally is a problem.

Legitimate work at home positions do not ask you to do anything illegal or immoral, well, unless you are involved in the sex trade and then, it is up to you what you will or won’t do. 🙂

Job boards offer you the opportunity to develop your skill, establish a terrific reputation. The draw back is there is a load of competition and the pay sucks for those of us living in the higher cost of living countries. To get started? It can be a benefit, especially if you need cash yesterday.

Resources are abundant. Search, research, determine if it will work for you.

Got a great tip? Job resource? Insight? I can use the information, lets share.