Recession and becoming self employed.

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Is a Recession Really the Right Time to Start Working for Yourself? Maybe Not – Fox Small Business Center

If you are frustrated with the fear of layoffs and wage decreases this a worthwhile article. Majority of individuals I know decided to work for themselves from home. I am one of those many work from home individuals. I do a few types of work to keep the bills paid. But after reading this article I wonder now just how long the recession has been. I began working for myself in 2000 after much frustration with working in offices and not wanting to play at the politics any longer.

As an office assistant I can do a majority of tasks on line. Who needs to commute when you can get out of bed and walk to the desk? Sounded great to me. As far as working in my pjs? One I do not wear them, two I would still be lazing around with a coffee cup in my hand. Not….

So I have to ask, is the recession hurting your self-employed plans? Like I said in the beginning if your tired of working for someone else, consider your trade, then research if it is viable to work for yourself.

Do your homework. It will pay off in the long run. Trust me.

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