SEO for Blogs

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My blog has grown, but very slowly. Learning search engine optimization for website development is one skill, while SEO for blogs is another.

As a freelance writer I have developed a few ideas and skills regarding article writing to aid the search engines in finding them. And employing them in a blog is one way to get found. However, it is not an exact science nor fool proof.


Today I went in search of a few insights from other bloggers. Following is the list of places to learn more as I am about to embark.

DIY Themes Has a series of articles on how to SEO your blog. The first article offers 7 very good ideas for ranking high in search engines.

My skills are growing.

This next article discusses how to optimize your blogger post titles. Good stuff here. Help Blogger This one is instructional for those who use BlogSpot. However, it has given me an idea how to optimize my WP blog.

Onward and upward.

Our next article comes to us from Maximize Social Business The author covers some of the techniques I am aware of, with a bit more information, and other tips that are a great idea to utilize. For those not in the know, this is good beginning stuff. Follow the link at the end of the article for the next one in the series.

Well, for today that is enough to keep you busy. Let’s see how well this one works in search engine ranking. 🙂 Not my best work, not a good example of following directions either.

I feel these tips are extremely important to help create a successful blog. More important to those who write guest posts, articles for publication sites and networks. These tips will help increase your success of getting found in the jungle of search engines.

Thank you and until next time, have a prosperous day.