SEO Training Source

I have been taking the SEO training free from WebCEO. Once I complete my certification will be posted here. The training gives all the information you could ever hope for in one place about Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other key points in regards to search engine marketing.

The bonus is you can download the software for free, there is an upgrade option, but the download is fully operational.

SEO software by Web CEO

The software offers keyword tracker, web page analyzer, and meta tag generator, everything you need to put your site in the top ranks of search engines. All of this is free.

Join me in using this powerful piece of software and if you like it upgrade and take the bonus benefits. The upgraded version gives you the ability to submit your site to the search engines, rank analyzer and so much more.

No other SEO software offers so much for free.

There is no obligation to upgrade ever, it is not a trial software, it is fully operational and free. Do not believe me, go check it out for yourself.