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Operating a small business is a daunting task when you have to wear all the hats. Delegation will help alleviate that burden. But what happens when you cannot afford to delegate? The money is not there for hiring someone to develop a web presence for your business, for either a web developer or an SEO consultant. Getting outside assist to run your business can put a dent in your budget. There are solutions, the question is do you want to put out the extra time to learn?

I am on a minimal budget, the result is searching out ways to shortcut, to develop my own skills to meet the challenge. At least until I can afford to hand over the baton.

One resource I utilize is Web CEO, a full search engine optimization service that offers training certification free when you purchase the software. You have two choices with Web CEO. Download the full program and run it from your computer or set up an online account free, then upgrade for more services.

One of the great options with this program is you will become an SEO expert. The software pays for itself. Set a fee and offer the services to your clients. Just one more service a virtual assistant may offer.

Or keep it to yourself and use it to enhance your blogging, copy writing, and other services you offer to your clients. Use it for your own sites and copy. Look like you hired an expert.

Appearance is everything when you are working towards building a reputation. Looking the part is as important as providing a viable service to your clients.

Some days I am an expert. Others I do not care so much, my language usage is not professional, but more plain speak.

Depends on who I am writing to.

I have used Web CEO for a few years. Taking the online course has improved my abilities to optimize my work. It has helped me to make corrections to the style and back office tasks. I find it more valuable than most of the other SEO programs available on the market today, both free and paid.

Click the banner and see for yourself. Download a free trial, try it out for a few days, then decide for yourself. The learning curve is short. Full training is available as well as video tutorials.

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