Side Hustle or Primary Income Source?

Thank you for joining me in my side hustles. New program, Promptings.

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I have added a few side hustles to keep my income growing. I am seeking others who would like to work on a side hustle with a goal of quitting their day job. Time to build multiple streams of income for less than you would believe.

With the restrictions, threat of disease, and other considerations we have faced this last year I had decided to not sit and do nothing. Rather I am busy working on building other streams of income. I have a primary business, this one Office Wife, and a side hustle or three.

Following is a video presentation I would like you to watch. When finished, let’s chat if you have further questions. Or use the link below this video to get started.

Greener Still is comprised of six streams of income. My favorite is the Send Out Cards. Why you might ask? Because I can send a smile to anyone.. Customized greeting and post cards. Easy, plug and send. Want one? Message me your name, mailing address and fav pic.

I enjoy the freedom to choose where and when I work. I have clients whose office I go to and complete the necessary in office tasks, others I work from home to complete their tasks. There are hundreds of tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant. I have added another service you can select to use as well Stream Virtual Assistant the fee is monthly and very reasonable. For marketing assistance, this includes social media, check out Stream Marketing.

The testimonials are terrific for each of these programs and they are affordable. If you would rather work with me, take a look at my services. Contact me to discuss rates, I offer a monthly subscription, per project and per hour fees. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you! Offering a Side Hustle or 6