Virtual services offered to the small and home based business.
Virtual services offered to the small and home based business.

Take a Bite out of Using Word

A short video tutorial: Email a Microsoft Word Document

Learn how to send an email using Microsoft Word.

  1. Create your Word document or select one that you have set aside.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the Share button
  3. The share window will open, offering you a choice of sharing your document
    • Upload to your OneDrive folder, where you can create a shareable link
    • Attach as a Word document
    • Attach as a PDF document
    • Select your email client. Complete your email.
  4. Alternative is to save your Word Document
    • Open your email client
    • Create a new email
    • Use the paperclip in the upper tool bar to attach your document.
    • Complete your email and send

Video Tutorial

Or watch the short video below.

For more Bitsize tutorials visit my YouTube Channel.

Take a Step Further in Learning

Individual tutorials are available. Contact me to discuss what skills I may be able to assist you with. My tutorials are based on the basic uses of software. My videos are designed for those who are basically beginners.

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