The Garage at Go Daddy.

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In the search for news and what matters most to you, my reader, I stumbled across more from GoDaddy. They have a blog called The Garage where their writers provide insights, tips, news pertaining to the web industry, and specific ideas you can use.

The article I read today (December 31, 2014) is about using multiple domain names for your business. Specifically the good of this practice.

The basic gist of this article is that your business has to grow or you don’t earn a living. Beside product development, your website presence is important. Social media and the web are not going away, actually they are expanding exponentially. Social media sites are popping up on a regular basis all with the hope of becoming number 1 in their industry.

The author of this article, When can multiple domains help your business?, published September 1, 2014 believes that growing your business includes adding multiple domain names.

After reading this article, leave me your comments. What is your take on using multiple domain names for your growing business? Is it a help or a hinderance? Too costly? I am interested in hearing your voice.