The Learning Curve!

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There is not much I do not find easy, fairly simple and intriguing. I developed an attitude of intrigue early in life, where everything is a mystery to be solved. I search for the clues and solve the riddle. With the wealth of resources available through the internet I am busy researching and compiling. Especially with completing my college degree, learning how to ferret out the resources to write a successful thesis has been a real challenge.

Now I have taken on the skill of writing as my new challenge. Not that I have not been a good writer, good is not great. Nor is it always an acceptable level for some of the more demanding sites. Since I am not the sort of person who can read directions and the get to work, I have had to do more research to gain an understanding of the style being asked for. Learning to write the way journalists do at Associated Press has been a terrific opportunity. Especially since I do not write generally the way I prefer to read, which I have found very interesting.

School has demanded explanations, so the usual 30 word paragraph does not cut it. Yet writing for content on the web means learning how to write succinctly, being as concise as possible. A contrast in writing styles. Switching gears to ensure that my articles are accepted and then back to ensure that my teachers are grading me on the high side. Both of which I must say appeals to my ego. Rejections do not.

My particular learning style is a read, view examples and then do, a mimic type style. One that cuts the learning time for me to near nothing. For instance you can set me in front of a new piece of software and come back fifteen minutes later and I can teach you how to get around it and master it. Browsing is the best teacher for me. I fall asleep otherwise.

Now here is my point, learning to conduct business on line is not that easy, at least not for me. I have had to delve into many an article, search out examples and then find my style. Finding examples is not easy, you have to pay high prices for them. So I became a freebie junkie, searching for the best content for no money, that is not easy. The other avenue is to earn my way to a particular item, that has worked I must say. It takes some time, but I get there. My library is extensive, I did not realize how much until I decided to clean out some old discs. I found eBooks from six years ago. Some authors I am enamored with, others I cannot wrap my brain around what they are saying.

I will be listing a few titles here and there, check the side bar, some are already listed in the training and business opportunity, with one I really need to earn to get. So help a sister out, will ya. LOL

The path is a terrific one to follow, just not that free of clutter. For someone such as myself finding the way in the mire is not always a clear path. I do come with baggage. Old beliefs that have interfered with developing new ways of thinking. I sometimes wonder if I am an odd duck in the pond or if there is anyone else out there who has difficulty with getting through the information and making sense out of it. Not something I have asked openly or admitted.

It is one thing to read a book and get inspired, very much another to implement the steps on a consistent basis. I had a friend who use to tease me about being ADD (attention deficit disorder), I have to be doing something all the time and then there are times when I have a difficult time focusing on one task at a time. I am a great multitasker most of the time.

This is my journey, I do hope you find something to help you and know that you are not alone on this journey. It takes dedication, commitment and overcoming fear to walk the path less traveled. If it is adventure you seek, then this is it.

I look forward to hearing from you.