Tips for the Newbie to Sales

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I subscribe to Selling Power, an online resource to assist those in sales and those of us not so into sales. Articles vary, mostly you are provided insights. “How to” articles include sales improvement, performance enhancement, and tips on how to present yourself, to list a few.

Today I bring you an article on how to improve your sales technique. SpecificallY: Build Your Telephone Sales Confidence.

The short of it is this: you can improve your telephone presence. The tips in this article will assist. I would add a few more:

Smile When you smile your tone of voice changes. It is almost as if the other person can see you smiling. Pleasant is always nicer than a firm tone in someone’s voice.

Practice Practice what you are going to say. Review your script. If you don’t have one, create one. Keep it simple, few words, but direct.

Enjoy the article, may it help you move along to the next level.

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