What if?

What if? Can keep you locked into doing nothing.

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When making a decision one question stands out: What if? This question can stop progress or fuel it.
In deciding to update my business, this question is common. My site, Office Wife, continues to undergo a make over. It seems to go with the times. New technology, evergreen content, changes to the most common forms of content. Everything is in a constant state of flux.

What if? Find the Answer

My primary purpose is to inform, educate, and inspire. I second guess and rewrite, delete and rewrite again. Always striving for perfection. The primary question in my mind: What if? I forgot one very important idea, “What Ifs” will make you crazy!
Perfection is a cat chasing it’s tale. Occasionally the cat catches it’s tale, only to release it and begin the chase over again.
My question to you is this, are you interested in operating a business from home? Yes or No! That simple. No “Yeah buts,” or other rationalizations. It is always a yes or no answer.
Our programming begins early, a need to explain every answer, motive and action. I am well trained to justify and defend. I will think an idea to death, then tell the world until they roll their eyes at me and turn a deaf ear. Never believing that I will take action.

What is the first step to beginning a business?

You have a few decisions to make.
Here are a few questions to consider:
  1. Will you work from home?
  2. Would you want a store front?
  3. What kind of home based business?
  4. If a store front, what kind of business will you create?
  5. Products
  6. Pets
  7. Clothing
  8. Home Goods
  9. Do you need money to begin? How much?
Brainstorm, free style write all your reasons for wanting to build a business! Review your list. Ask yourself how important each item is. Number each one, with 1 as the most important or desirable. Pick the top 10 reasons why you want to begin a business.
Next step, freestyle write your list of interests, what is in your heart of hearts to do. If you could make millions from this, what would it be? Out of this list pick the top five, then narrow it down to one.

Research your interests

This is your research project. Conduct a search, Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines.
How many others are doing this same thing? Who is in the top ten of the search engine lists? Look at each site, get to know your competition.
Is there something they are missing that you can do or can you offer more than they are? Learn! Keep a file on each one of your top five million dollar ideas! Pick one to start with, once that is up and running, then go to the next.

Learn from Others Mistakes and Successes

Every thing I have read collected dust, do not do what I did and let fear stand in your way. You can what if yourself to the streets. Poor, tired and well, you know the rest!
I understand the difficulty in getting motivated. Always searching for something, or someone that will be in your corner. There are thousands out there that will work with you, guide you and coach you. I do not know about you, but I cannot go it alone.
The one common piece of advice is to find the one thing you enjoy doing, not want to do, but enjoy doing. For me it is coaching, living, educating, creating and reading. These are my top five, they all led me to write.
I won’t bore you with a long list of recommendations. I have favorite books I like to read. Topics include spirituality, marketing, business development, motivational, and educational. There is a book for every idea you may conceive.

Next action step? Consider

As a virtual assistant, my coaching becomes a part of every job I take on. Consulting and educating is what I do for all my clients. I am willing to mentor, coach, provide feed back.
Ready to hire a virtual assistant? Social media manager? Office Assistant in general? Contact me today.
Getting the resources to get started is easy, the first thing before you spend a dime is to know where you are going.
Take a look at my business opportunities page.