Windows Tour

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Welcome to my Windows Tour page. My Vimeo channel and YouTube channel are available if you would like to view there or save for later.

Many of my clients are new to computers, feel lost with getting around and caring for their systems.

A short tour to start you on Windows

There are many of you who know your way around. Hopefully you are assisting others. These videos are not for you. However, I do thank you for sharing them with those you know who can use the extra assist.

I keep them short because the majority of my clients do not like watching long training videos. They take it in increments. I agree, too much information at once is an overload to the senses and exhausting.

This is the first in a series. Thank you for sharing them and for continuing to visit me.

If you need further assistance, know someone who does, or have general questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.