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The recent wave of layoffs has caused a huge jump in opportunities on the web to work from your home. Sorting them out is a tedious task and one I have diligently undertaken. I work from my home office as a virtual assistant and spiritual guide. I love both of my vocations, thought the latter is much more fulfilling, I get to help people change their lives.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the topic of working from home, the first thing I have to tell you is do not pay anyone to get you work. I repeat in capital letters in case you missed it:


That is unless you want to (excuse this) piss your money away. That is your choice, I am telling you that it is not necessary and if you are like me that few dollars can feed you at least another day or two until work does come in. Hence my research and the following list of places to go find work and I am not making a dime out of the links I am placing in here, because membership is not required.

(WARNING: check on the organizations you apply to, ask for their information before submitting too much personal information, since some of these are rip off scams and will cause you pain. I will be including a place to research next.)

Free Lancer Site 

This lists numerous jobs available for anyone seeking to work at home. Be warned, I repeat there are unscrupulous people offering scam jobs, research, ask questions. And do not send personal information or money.

Simply Hired

A job search board as the last one, warning stands. You can opt to create a profile here, save the jobs you search and as before, it bears repeating a million times, do your research and ask for company information.

There are numerous  sites like these.  I am building my directory of home business opportunities.

I am working on a directory for the different venues available, so if you have one in particular that you would like featured, send me the link. Do not post it in comments because it will go to spam. See my contact information on the contact me page.

If you would like some assistance, please contact me.